How we are run

The BCT is a not-for-profit organisation and is run entirely by volunteers. Our work rests on four pillars:


The BCT has a broad base of volunteers who lend their time and effort to run various BCT events, activities and services.

Board of Directors

Each volunteer member of the Board is in charge of a team of volunteers who work within a certain area of responsibility.

Executive Committee

Overseeing the organisation on a daily basis, it comprises a president, two vice presidents and a treasurer.


The key person who heads the organisation on a yearly term.

The BCT is a not-for-profit organisation.

We are run entirely by member volunteers.

BCT President

BCT President

BCT President

Name: Jennifer Rose

Always active in social and community issues, Jennifer has been involved with a range of companies and ideas over the last ten years. This includes working with tech and art-focused start-ups, being on the board of several amazing U.S. nonprofits, and working for a few high-profile companies like Levi Strauss & Co. and Microsoft. She has launched grassroots community initiatives all over the world, facilitating programs in Israel and Palestine – as well as throughout universities in the U.S. – and travelled to small local villages and schools in Africa, partnering with local clinics and nonprofits to address issues surrounding HIV/AIDS. Before moving to Brussels from California, she was highly active in her local city council and worked diligently to bring an evolving community closer together.

‘Moving to a foreign country with two small children - without speaking the language - was very daunting. I was leaving not only my family, friends and community, but also the network of doctors, childcare and family activities that I had built over the past few years. All of these things represented hours of research, years of practice and invaluable peace of mind. Starting over again in a new country with only a few months to prepare seemed almost impossible. The day I found the BCT was the first day I thought, ‘OK, I can do this.’ ‘


Read the BCT Statutes (PDF) and Internal Rules (PDF).

You can also download the 2016 BCT Annual Report (PDF).

We take data protection seriously: BCT Data Protection Policy (full version as PDF).