Small Ads

PLEASE NOTE: We have decided to discontinue this service in spring 2017 due to a lack in demand.

An online market place for the international community in Belgium - with children and families at heart

  • For those who look for/offer domestic help; selling/buying baby equipment; promote a class; hire/search for a job; etc.
  • For BCT members and non-members alike
  • Same style: All small ads have the same type and size of font, no graphics, no images, just words and figures, all in simple running text
  • Simple format: Small ads do not contain frames, colors, paragraphs or different font styles
  • One price per small ad (0 - 255 characters)

Words-only / Simple structure / Standardized fonts and size

Published on the website

Your small ad gets published on the website once the payment has been received and our small ads coordinator has approved your ad.

Approvals will be given at fixed intervals, every week on Friday. Your ad will remain published for one month after it has been approved.

We are not able to publish any advert for which the Paypal payment has not been received. The BCT also reserves the right to withdraw from publication any advert that is regarded as inappropriate or violates the accepted principles of morality - even if payment has been received.

How to place a small ad

Small ad rates (incl TVA/btw):

  • BCT members: 4 EUR per small ad (0-255 characters)
  • Non-members: 6 EUR per small ad (0-255 characters)

    CREATE your small ad.

When you have entered your details, you will be taken to PayPal where you can make your payment either with your PayPal account or by credit card.

For further assistance, please contact