Please help me out here somebody; I don’t fully understand the bio-emotions. I would like to be a convinced bio product shopper, knowing exactly what is good to buy for the health of me and my family, for the environment and for my wallet. But I am just so confused. How do I know, for example, if locally produced is better for the environment than something that has been grown a bit further away, but with completely different methods? And how do we know that something labelled bio actually is bio?


Some people are so convinced that bio is the best way to go, so I have tried to take a wider interest in the subject. I even went to a bio store the other day, mainly because I heard that they have purple carrots there. I thought that my daughter, who refuses to eat orange carrots, would perhaps like to eat purple ones, since that is her favourite colour. But unfortunately there were no purple carrots in the store that day (and I doubt my fussy little eater would have liked them anyway).

While I was there I had a good look around but, to my disappointment, most of the things seemed to be the same as in my local supermarket. I put a cucumber, honey, a bag of multi-coloured potatoes, a loaf of bread and a chocolate bar in my shopping trolley. After that I could not find anything else that interested me. I was thinking of buying a bottle of bio shampoo for my girls, but 9.90 euro per bottle seemed a bit exaggerated and I was not convinced about the added value. Also, I can’t help thinking of various research showing that production of biofuel actually can contribute to global warming, doing more harm than good. What about the production of bio shampoo? The shampoo itself might be good for my hair and skin, but is the production of it good for Mother Nature?

Heading for the tills I felt disheartened with my small purchase, but I was quite excited about the cucumber. A friend had told me that the bio vegetables, especially cucumbers, taste so much better than ordinary ones and I couldn’t wait to try it.

But guess what? It tasted exactly like a regular cucumber! I was so disillusioned, so the following day I bought a non-bio-cucumber and asked my husband to do a blind test. In my view the taste was exactly the same. Perhaps my taste buds are not as developed as some others, so to convince me of buying bio products, I need stronger arguments than the one about taste. I need real evidence that if I eat bio products, it really is better for the nature (taking transportation, storage, cooling etc. into account) and that it really makes me and my family healthier. I am not sure I will go back to the bio store since that makes me drive more than usual and that I know for certain is not good for the environment.

The chocolate was good anyway.