When I was pregnant I would see other pregnant women and it was like we all knew we were pledges in the same secret society. We would see one another on the street and we would just know. We would give one another this look. It was a look of excitement, nervousness, and just the unknown. We were awaiting our ceremony, the ceremony that would induct us fully into the secret, but not so secret society of motherhood.

My ceremony happened in August of 2014 here in Belgium and I was entered into the society. There I was with a bundle of joy in my arms. I had read all the books and taken a class (at the BCT), but there was nothing that could fully prepare me. It was a joy and a shock at the same time. There was a person who now fully depended on me for everything.

Now when I saw those women they also had their bundles of joy and we would no longer give one another a look, but a yawn and a simple smile. We were all sleep deprived, but moving forward. There is no rest for a mother. We are on 24/7 and ready to feed or wipe a snotty nose. It is amazing how you can run into another member of the society and instantly strike up a conversation about poop.

There are days where I am worn out and feel like there is nothing left, but a good talk with a member of the Motherhood Society can bring me right back. Before you have entered the society one would never understand what it takes. You can watch others and get a feel for it, but everything changes when it is on you 24/7. You are the first one up when your baby cries and you are there in the middle of the night when baby doesn’t want to sleep. In the end I wouldn’t give it up and I am a proud member for life.