By Janae

I remember the final days of my pregnancy (I was 2 weeks overdue) and it seemed like everyday I would be loaded with Facebook posts and messages giving unsolicited advice on how to go into labor. I remember thinking how annoying that was (I had already tried everything) until I actually had my baby and then the amount of unsolicited advice ramped up.

You should do this when you change diapers.

You should let her sleep here or there.

You need to keep the house noisy during naps.

You need to do this. You should do that.

This and that…. That and this.

Image from StockSnap

Image from StockSnap

It was coming from every direction possible and there seemed to be no way to make it stop. I would write a simple Facebook post about my day with baby and I would get comments and messages on what I should do about what happened or was happening. It felt like it would never end. I tried to post back with research backing why I was doing things the way I was and I would get hit back with more advice to why doing research is wrong. It was a seemingly unending battle.

As the months went on the amount of advice seemed to dissipate until she reaches a milestone or some sort then there is advice that rolls in on that said milestone. Once again the advice fades away. It seems to be like the ocean and the advice just rolls in every so often.

The other day I was on one of the many Mommy Groups I am a member of on Facebook and one mom mentioned how she posted a photo of her baby eating something in particular that used to be something that was said to not be introduced to babies until they became toddlers or later. Recent research now says it is ok for a baby to eat it and they actually benefit from doing so earlier. Well this mom received a slew of people telling her she was wrong for feeding her child this product. She was wondering what to say or if she should post the most recent research. One mom chimed in with the best response. She said instead of defending yourself and posting the research to post the following:

Not your circus, not your monkey.