Here at the BCT we love to see new faces at our various activities – there are so many people in Belgium looking for ways to connect with others and find fun things to do with their families and it is inspiring to see our community grow. But not everyone has heard about the BCT or knows what it is all about. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation, or it can even be slightly intimidating, to check out something new on your own – we all know it is much easier for people to go somewhere new when they are with someone they already know. And many of you tell us that you talk so much about the BCT, you have convinced friends and family to check us out!

BCT Summer 16 BringAFriend7

We heard you and starting this July, the BCT is introducing our “Bring a Friend” program!

How does the “Bring a Friend” program work? Simple! Tell a friend or two to meet you at one of our playgroups at Imagine or Holy Trinity and to bring 5 euros (per family, not per child). That’s it! They can come as often as they like throughout the months of July, August and September.

This is different than our normal one-time free trial of a BCT playgroup. For one, your friends can come more than once (in fact, they can come as often as they like) during the summer months with no obligation to become a member of the BCT. They will have to pay the nonmember fee of 5 euros per playgroup they attend and only get access to the playgroups at Imagine and Holy Trinity.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the BCT at anytime in order to enjoy all the other benefits our BCT members have access to, such as local groups, other BCT events and activities, and of course receiving our Small Talk magazine (along with continuing to come to our playgroups throughout the rest of the year). Keep in mind this is a limited time program for the summer only, so make sure they know about it now!

And don’t forget to bring your BCT card with you! With this new initiative, we will be checking member’s cards so we know who pays 2 euros and who pays 5 euros. If you don’t have your card, no worries – you can simply pay the 5 euros for that session. So put the card in your bag today!

We love the community built by our members and always welcome new opportunities for that community to grow and become stronger and more supportive. And we love making new friends! So please spread the word this summer and bring along some new faces – there is a lot the BCT has to offer and the more the merrier!