BCT Member Courses

These courses are provided by BCT members for BCT members. They are aimed at helping you discover and develop new skills and interests.

The teachers of the courses (and workshops) are certified instructors in their professional field. All BCT Member Courses start with one free class to give participants the possibility to test the course. While the trial sessions are open to non-BCT members, the BCT Member Courses are exclusively for BCT members.

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These workshops are held at our Clubhouse in 1050 Ixelles/Brussels.

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BCT Member Courses

All BCT member courses:

  • require no specific fitness level or previous experience
  • for BCT members the first session is a free trial (unless specified)
  • places are limited so booking is essential


! !  N E W   C L A S S  ! !   


Safe and soft postnatal gym classes

11am-12pm starting on Thursday, 9 September

@ the Clubhouse

Congratulations! You have just had a baby. What a life change, especially if it's your first baby. During early motherhood, doing some light physical and breathing exercises can help your body and mind in a positive way. It is not always easy to find time for yourself having a young baby but, together as a small group, we will find a way to meet everyone's needs - including yours!

For: Women who have just had a baby, as long as they have their gynaecologist’s consent to perform soft gym. In group classes, exercises will be adapted to each participant’s needs.

How? We will do pelvic floor and light lower belly exercises - low impact and low-pressure fitness which, combined with breathing, do not put extra stress on your abdomen. We will also do muscle toning, light aerobic and strength exercises, working stability, flexibility & stretching, also for the hips, the pelvis, shoulders, back and legs.

Please bring your own exercise mat or a big towel, something to drink, comfortable clothes and also some “warm” clothes for afterwards and/or relaxation. Babies are very welcome.

BCT member Sirka Ginsel is a qualified and experienced sports and health scientist. Following her pregnancy, Sirka trained to teach prenatal & postnatal exercises.

Cost: 15 € per session (the first session is a free trial for BCT members). Private classes are also available on request.

For more information or to register: Please contact Sirka at sirka.ginsel@gmx.de or +49 176 34 51 61 25. Places are limited so booking is essential.


BUMPS IN MOTION   (now a weekday class @ the Clubhouse)

Safe and soft prenatal gym classes, adapted for each stage of pregnancy

12.15-1.15 pm starting on Thursday, 9 September

@ the Clubhouse

For:  Pregnant women in all trimesters as long as they have their gynaecologist’s consent to perform soft gym. In the group classes the exercises will be adapted to each participant’s needs.  Members will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire regarding your health, your pregnancy, possible problems, your aims, etc.

Why: Pregnancy is a beautiful but challenging time, especially physically. Pay yourself the attention you deserve and take an hour for yourself to become and stay strong, fit and healthy. If we are looking towards birth, then good body awareness, stamina and strength (physical and mental) are extremely important. Childbirth can be compared to climbing Mount Everest - an incredibly great experience that demands a lot and rewards even more. The fitter and more prepared you are, the better you can experience childbirth and actively influence it positively.

How: We will do exercises paying attention to low impact and low pressure fitness, giving the baby more space and supporting our baby and the belly in the best way possible.  We will do strength exercises and muscle toning, light aerobic exercises to work stability, flexibility & stretching; especially for the hips, the pelvis and the pelvic floor. We finish with relaxation (especially in contact with our belly baby and the upcoming birth).

Equipment required:  Please bring your own exercise mat or a big towel, something to drink, comfortable clothes and also some “warm” clothes for afterwards and/or relaxation.

BCT member, Sirka Ginsel, mother of a two year-old girl, is a sports and health scientist. She has worked in a rehabilitation hospital since 2011 and worked in a sports medicine department at  university during her PhD.  Following her pregnancy, Sirka trained in Germany and Switzerland to teach prenatal & postnatal exercise and hypnobirthing.

Cost: 15 € per session (the first session is a free trial for BCT members)  Private classes are also offered. For more information or to register: Please contact Sirka at sirka.ginsel@gmx.de or +49 176 34 51 61 25. Places are limited so booking is essential.



Starting on Friday, 17 September

@ the Clubhouse

FOR: caregivers and infants - newborn to pre-crawling

Massage can help bonding, break down barriers, soothe the mind and body.

This course of 5 sessions of 60 minutes teaches you how to massage your baby.  The classes are fun and relaxed and are open to all caregivers. We will progress to massaging the whole baby.  It is a baby-led course - we respect the wishes of the baby. No massage the day of any vaccinations or if the baby has a fever.  If your baby is asleep then you can watch or use a doll, if you have one. If your baby does not wish to be massaged, then you can participate and learn the strokes to use later.

Practical info: Have a towel and a small bowl to put oil in (you will receive information about which oil to use)

Joanne Fraser is trained as an instructor of Infant Massage (International Association of Infant Massage 2004). Through her voluntary work at O.N.E. in Waterloo and private classes, she has seen the value of still hands and gentle touch with respect in the process of grief and healing. Joanne has practised in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium over the last 14 years and has a Facebook site babyinbelgium to promote respectful touch and infant massage.

Cost: 100€ for a course of 5 classes at the Clubhouse  (the first session is a free trial for BCT members)

Places are limited so booking is essential. To register, please contact Joanne at joannefraser_home@hotmail.com


PILATES & more

Online via Zoom (until in-person classes can resume. Face-to-face sessions are possible for newcomers.)

Mondays, 10-11 am: Pilates + Low-Pressure Fitness (LPF)

Thursdays, 8-9 pm: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums + LPF

Fridays, 10-11 am: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums

Open to everyone - dads & postnatal mums are welcome.

Do you wish to:

  • - Reduce stiffness on your joints?
  • - Enhance body awareness (flexion, extension & rotation);
  • - Improve your posture, balance & coordination;
  • - Avoid back-aches (upper, middle or lower back pain due to prolonged sitting or carrying your children);
  • - Work several muscle chains simultaneously;
  • - Feel relaxed & stretch after your workout;
  • - Start some physical activity with a tailor-made routine just for you?

If so, join Sandra for Pilates & More to see and feel the results!

You will learn how to:

  • - strengthen your perineum & pelvic floor,
  • - reduce your waistline, tone your muscles,
  • - improve your breathing and sleep,
  • - avoid hernias & decrease urinary incontinence & prolapse,
  • - detect and massage your trigger points to release tension
  • - gain 1 extra hour of energy.

Sandra Gomez Wilches is qualified Stott Pilates instructor, expert in matwork and reformer, with 5 years of experience teaching all age groups from rehabilitation to professional sports people. As Sandra strongly believes that the mind, the emotions and body are linked, she insists on the importance of breathing to create body awareness and positive thinking to achieve one's goals. Sandra has also followed training on trigger points (how to find tender areas on your body and releasing tension) as well as Low Pressure Fitness (a repertoire of postural & breathing exercises which decreases intra-abdominal pressure using apneas. Its benefits are: improves capacity of breathing, creating recuperative sleep, strengthening & restoration of pelvic floor & perineum muscles as well as reducing your waist perimeter).

Cost: 90€ for 5 classes (18€ per class) or 160€ for 10 classes (16€ per class) or 18 € for 1 class - The first session is a free trial for BCT members. Personal training & duos are also available on request.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact Sandra at gomezwilchessandra@gmail.com or 0485 94 15 89.

  * * *

WORKSHOP:  Come to play with your baby (from 0-12 months)

For babies 0-6 months: Mondays, 9:30-10:30 for 5 weeks, starting 20 September

For babies 6-12 months: Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 for 5 weeks, starting 23 September

@ the Clubhouse

The first year of a baby's life is the time when he or she will develop the most. That is why it's the ideal time to stimulate all areas of development: psychomotricity, manipulative skills, cognitive (attention and concentration), sensorial stimulation or social processes. But above all, playing is a great way of reinforcing the bond between the parents and the child. When playing with our babies we foster trust, attachment and security.

This workshop is structured in 5 sessions of 60 minutes each. Every session is structured as follows: Theory explanation (regarding baby´s development, changes, new achievements), a psychomotricity routine and a new game from one of the different areas: fine motor movements (manipulative skills), cognitive process, language, and sensory activities (every day a different one). At the end we will answer questions, share comments from participants and share ideas about how to practise at home adapting the games to the needs of each baby.

The workshop is given by Iciar Villacieros, clinical psychologist, family therapist and mother of twins. Iciar has a degree in psychology, a master's degree in systemic and couples family therapy and a doctorate in psychology (all Madrid). She has been working as a clinical psychologist and family therapist for more than 16 years with different populations. In recent years she has also specialized in the development of the baby through play in her first year of life. She has extensive experience as a university professor, as well as workshops and groups. She belongs to the Commission des Psychologues Belge and the EFTA (European Family Therapy Association). Her website is https://www.sandboxpsychology.com 

Cost: 100€ for 5 in-person sessions (the first session is a free trial for BCT members)

Registration: is limited to 5 participants. To register, please contact Iciar at: Villacieros.psicologia@gmail.com

* * *

WORKSHOP: Discovering your creative side through painting

Mondays, October 4, 11 & 18, 7-9 pm

@ the Clubhouse 

This course is to offer hard-working parents the opportunity to explore their creative side while learning basic painting techniques, creating different paintings, in a relaxing, creative atmosphere.

First class: introduction to oil painting

Learning the basic concepts of oil painting, materials used and the difference between oil paints and acrylic paints. Participants will also create a small oil painting on canvas to bring home

Second class: introduction to acrylic painting

Learning the basic concepts of acrylic painting and about the colour wheel. Participants will also create a small acrylic painting to bring home

Third class: introduction to knife painting technique

Introduction to knife painting technique and perspective concepts. Participants will also create a small painting to take home, using the knife painting technique.

BCT member Chérine Nasri took her first oil painting class when she was 8 years old and the world of arts quickly became her passion. Growing up she worked in many different camps and children's activities, usually in charge of the arts programme. Later she divided her studies between Special Needs Education and Arts, to finally graduate university with a Visual Arts teaching degree. Before moving to Belgium, she taught art to various groups of people in different community environments, ranging from pre-school to high school students, adult groups in community centres or hospital settings, and to children and adults with special needs. Arriving in Belgium, she helped set up an art/knitting class for adults of all ages with newcomers to Belgium to help break the boundaries of communication and to help integration in the community.

Chérine also focuses on her own art by participating in several art shows in Europe. She loves teaching art to all ages to share her passion with others.

Equipment required:

The instructor will provide the table easels, painting canvas, paints (acrylics or oils), paint brushes and all painting tools, table cloths to protect the tables and rags/paper towels. Participants need to bring a painting smock or wear clothes they do not mind getting dirty

Cost of a course: 90 euros for a course of 3 two-hour sessions. Members may observe a class as a free trial (as there is a cost for providing materials to use).

To register, please contact cherinea@hotmail.com

or GSM: 0489 79 16 62.

Minimum/Maximum number of participants per class: 4/7.

* * *


Fridays, October 8, 15, 29 & November 12, 19, 26, 

7.30 - 9.30 pm

@ the Clubhouse

Parenting with Positive Discipline helps children develop self-discipline and problem-solving skills, become more responsible and co-operative and have greater respect for themselves and others. The teachings of Positive Discipline are filled with non-punitive and non-permissive methods that will build relationships and keep the lines of communication open.

This course of 6 two-hour sessions is designed for families with children up to the age of 10. It allows parents and caregivers to go through the process of changing how they look at misbehaviour and their role as parents. Parents learn many of the Positive Discipline tools through experiential learning experiences.

These are just some underlying principles of Positive Discipline:

Be Kind and Firm; Connection before Correction; Encouragement; There is a belief behind behavior; A misbehaving child is a discouraged child.

You will learn how to:

Get into your child’s world; Connect with your child; Have fewer power struggles; Invite cooperation; Choose your battles; Encourage, encourage, encourage; Use discipline to teach; Be firm and kind; Feel more confident and peaceful in your parenting; Take care of yourself; Let the message of love get through;

You will learn by:

Actively participating in the class (more helpful than passive learning); Practising new skills through role-playing; Practising new skills with your own child(ren) during the week; Getting encouraging feedback as you learn how difficult it can be to change old habits.

Cost of a course of 6 two - hour classes: 290 euros (390 euros for a couple). The first session is a free trial for BCT members.

The cost includes:

6 interactive classes; Weekly practice assignments; Printed version of “The Positive Discipline Workbook”; Printed version of “Positive Discipline Parenting Tools”

The cost does NOT include: a book which you are advised to read (although not compulsory)

Reimbursement might be possible through some insurance providers.

Facilitator: Aiste Grubliauskiene is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. She is also a Psychologist, graduated from Vilnius University, Lithuania, and with a Doctor’s degree from Leuven University, Belgium.  Aiste consults children and adults in Tervuren.

Places are limited so booking is essential. To register for the course, please contact Aiste at aiste@happyduckling.org or +32474065006.

* * *

TODDLER YOGA - for children 2-5 years of age

Monthly class: @ the Clubhouse/garden (see newsletter & FB for day & time)

A great way for young children to practise mindful movement, learn useful breathing techniques and have lots of fun! This class lets young children (and their parents) move in healthy and fun ways to encourage stress reduction and focus, and to practise stillness and ease.

Emily Gold is a yoga therapist and teacher, doula and public health specialist, who has been practicing yoga since 2003. After completing her university degree in 2006 she travelled to Thailand where she first discovered the joys of meditation. Faced with seizures from a benign brain tumor in 2008, Emily first learned of the healing power of yoga, turning to her regular practice as a relief for the physical and mental pain she was experiencing. This healing path led her to pursue yoga teacher training, and later she became a yoga therapist. Emily is trained in a variety of yogic modalities including Hatha, Yin, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga and Womb Yoga. She weaves these modalities to create practices and teachings that are gentle and accessible, focusing on acceptance, growth and healing. Her website is: www.EmilyGoldYoga.com

Cost: 15€ per class (including the first session)

To register and to receive the link, please contact Emily@EmilyGoldYoga.com or GSM: 0483 390549

* * *