BCT News 13 - January 2014

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BCT News 12 - 3 December 2013

Our next Nearly New Sale is on 23 February 2014


The next date for our popular Nearly New Sale (NNS) in spring is set and there are a number of volunteer positions open. Members please log in to see them on our volunteer opportunities page. All helpers can shop during the Volunteer Pre-Sale, which means first choice on items!

The names of our number allocators who give out seller numbers for the sale will be available as of 15 January.

BCT News 11 - 5 November 2013

BCT launches first Playgroup for Children with Special Needs


This new BCT group is initiated by and aimed at parents and families to meet, to share general concerns and experiences about baby/child development or developmental support (ie: speech therapy or special educational needs) and to support each other. There can be so many questions from just being simply worried about baby/child development to actually seeking professional help and therapy. The group is there to offer a listening ear, emotional support, tips and advice (parent to parent) on diagnosing and obtaining professional help.

Monthly playgroup activities help the children in finding the confidence to make friends with new faces, whether they are just late developers, shy or late in talking, they can feel supported and encouraged in a relaxed environment.

Members please log in to see the contact details of the group leaders on our support groups page.

BCT News 10 - 25 October 2013

The BCT welcomes two new members to its Board of Directors:


Grainne Murphy, who is taking over from Kasey Marshall as Vice President of the BCT and

Aneta Gorkier-Potier, who has come to take over the role of Shadae Talebi, our events coordinator.

Both Grainne and Aneta will be on the board as interim members and will stand for election at the next AGM in spring.

BCT News 9 - 18 September 2013

Our next Nearly New Sale is on 13 October

The names of our number allocators who give out seller numbers for our popular Nearly New Sale (NNS) are now available.

There are also still volunteer positions open in the afternoon: We are looking for security and people to work tables as well as tills. All helpers can shop during the Volunteer Pre-Sale, which means first choice on items!

BCT News 8 - 16 September 2013

35th Anniversary Party on 15 September.


A big THANK YOU to everyone who made the BCT's 35th Birthday Party a huge success! Overall 380 BCT members and their friends came to celebrate together. Parents, grandparents, children - everyone had a great time and all those happy faces showed again what an important role the BCT community plays in our member's lifes. Keep up getting involved and keep the spirits high!

Happy Birthday BCT!

BCT news 7 - 28 June 2013

Finally back: BCT First Aid Courses

We have been trying very hard to organize first aid courses within the BCT, just like we used to have them in the past. And now they are back:

The first course will take place in July. As of September, we would like to organize these sessions about every 6 weeks, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. They will last between 3 and 4 hours and will take place at Imagine. The course will be given by a Red Cross-qualified volunteer aided by an assistant.

More information about these courses will be available on this website later this summer. So make sure to check back for further course details, costs and how to book.

BCT news 6 - 27 March 2013

New Board elected

At our Annual General Meeting on 18 March 2013, we elected the 2013-2014 BCT board of directors. Our new president is Ginny Demoulin, who formerly served on our board as vice president. She will be taking over from our now past president Sandra Drechsel.

Have a look at the newly elected board members on our How we are run page. You can also find our 2012 annual report (PDF) at the bottom of that page.

BCT news 5 - 8 March 2013

The BCT Small Ads are back!

As of today, it is again possible to post your small ads on the BCT website! Small ads will no longer be published in Small Talk magazine, which means that they can be published at much shorter intervals now.

Have a look at current small ads or post your own! For more information about how it works, go to our Small Ads page.

BCT news 4 - 22 February 2013


Listen up: The BCT went on air!


Noreen Donovan of RadioX Brussels interviewed our president Sandra Drechsel.

Radio X Podcast - Interview with The Brussels Childbirth Trust (BCT)

BCT news 3 - 30 January 2013

Our next Nearly New Sale is on 17 March

The names of our number allocators who give out seller numbers for our popular Nearly New Sale (NNS) will be available on this website as of 1 February.

UPDATE: We currently have numbers left in Auderghem, St Gilles, Uccle, Central Brussels, Overijse. Get your number from our number allocators today.

Sandra Drechsel President

BCT News 2 - January 2012

The BCT is getting a Facebook page.

Over the course of the next month, the BCT will be getting its own Facebook page. As part of our continuing efforts to stay in touch with our existing members, as well as reach out to potential new members, we understand that it is essential to incorporate a social media component to our current communication efforts.




What will you find on the Facebook page?

The BCT Facebook page will announce upcoming official BCT events (e.g., Nearly New Sale, Pregnancy in Belgium evenings) and BCT group events as well as events in Belgium that we usually announce in our Small Talk magazine.

We also hope to bring you questions and polls to gain important feedback from both members and potential members.

We would also love to publish some photos from BCT events, so don't be surprised if you get approached by one of our photographers, asking you permission to use a photo of you and your family on Facebook.

BCT Social Media Team 18 January 2013

BCT News 1 - December 2012


The BCT launches its new website.


The BCT's new website has a completely new structure and a modern design that will help visitors find the information they are looking for easily. Apart from the information about our organisation and our services, we also have a members' zone at bctbelgium.org/members. There, members can find information such as

To access any of this information, just click on the relevant link. It will either take you directly to the content or to a login form, if you are not logged in. Please follow the instructions on that page when you try to log into the members' zone for the first time.

We hope you will find the information you are looking for - and much more. If not, you can always contact the BCT Information Team or email the webmaster with any technical difficulties.

Sandra Drechsel
6 December 2012