BCT Talks

The BCT invites speakers who are experts in their field to present and discuss a wide range of family-related subjects in a series of information talks for adults.

From allergies in children and self-defence to financial planning and business start-ups, these talks cover a variety of issues in a one-off session or in a series of workshops over several weeks.

Members can find further information about upcoming talks and how to register on the events page in Small Talk magazine or in the members' zone.

All BCT Talks are held either online or at our Clubhouse, in Ixelles. They are free for BCT members. Non-members are welcome for a participation fee of 10€.


Your opinion counts – let us know what you would like to see covered in our BCT Talks.

Recent and upcoming BCT Talks

Upcoming Talks:

More information: Members, please log in to find event details in the members zone or contact the BCT Talks Coordinator at talks@bctbelgium.org.

Past BCT Talks (selection):

  • DIY cleaning products (2021)
  • How to invest in your retirement (2021)
  • Elimination Communication (2021)
  • Navigating Family Travel (2021)
  • Potty training tips (2021)
  • Job skills - Personal Branding (2021)
  • Baby-led Weaning (2021)
  • Parenting with less stress and anxiety (2020)
  • The benefits of playing with my baby (2020)
  • Deep sleep dive - improving family sleep (2020)
  • Baby-wearing (2020)
  • Network your way to a job (2020)
  • Natural solutions for healthy, empowered living for the whole family (2019)
  • How to present your soft skills at interviews (2019)
  • The importance and benefits of infant touch (2019)
  • Finding the right job for you (2019)
  • Non-violent Communication (2018)
  • Sustainable investing for your children's future (2018)
  • CV writing and interview skills (2018)
  • What Happens if I Die in Belgium & Understanding Life Insurance (2018)
  • Time Management (2017)
  • Elimination Control (2017)
  • The Importance of Wills and Marriage Contracts (2017)
  • Mindful Parenting (2016)
  • How to enjoy the first three years as a parent (2016)
  • Basic Plumbing Tips for Family Homes (2016)
  • The Precious Years of 0 to 3!
  • The first 10 steps to turn your house into a home
  • Loss, Change and Grief: What to Say, What Not to Say
  • Relaxation Techniques for Children
  • Positive Parenting
  • ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Belgium for Expats