Helpful links

This is a list of organisations that offer services that could be helpful for families in Belgium. Look at the categories below to find the links you might find helpful.

  • 1: Support Help Line
  • 2: On-call Doctors
  • 3: Preparing for Birth and Parenting
  • 4: Independent Midwives
  • 5: Family Support
  • 6: Feeding
  • 7: Baby Clinics
  • 8: Special Needs
  • 9: General Links
  • 10: Expat Websites
  • 11: Tourism Websites
  • 12: Daily Life in Belgium
  • 13: Culture in Belgium
  • 14: Helpful UK websites on pregnancy and baby



1: Support Help Line

CHS (Community Help Service)

24 hour English speaking help line and counselling services

02 648 4014 (Help Line)

02 647 6780 (Office)

2: On-Call Doctors

Medi-Garde (French) - 02 479 1818

SOS Medecina (French) - 02 513 0202

Femish speaking on-call doctor - 02 242 4344

3: Preparing for Birth and Parenting

BCT Pregnancy in Belgium

Regular evening sessions that provide helpful information when planning for or having a baby in Belgium.

BCT Prenatal Courses

Antenatal courses in English for first time parents-to-be and 'Refresher Courses' for parents expecting their second or subsequent child. Various locations around Brussels.

BCT TENS Machine Hire

BCT Valley Cushion Hire

Pregnancy, birth and beyond in Belgium.

Association francophone des doulas de Belgique (FR) and A doula in Belgium on Facebook (EN)

A Doula in Belgium by So Cocoon

Resource for medical services around local birth services. (NL)

4: Independent Midwives

A group of independent midwives based in Brussels who can assist home and hospital births. Prenatal and postnatal support care in English, French and Flemish.

An association of midwives who offer a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth. Specialists available in shiatsu, physiotherapy, perineal reeducation, body-mind therapy and massage, psychology, Feldenkreis method, homeopathy, baby massage, hypnobirthing and osteopathy. Also doula service in French.

A group of independent midwives who offer pre- and postnatal care in various languages.

Union professionnelle des sages-femmes belges. Offers a list of midwives by postcode.

Provides midwives for home births and postnatal care in Dutch, French and English.


Centrale des Accoucheuses

Provides a similar service to the Bolle Buik in French and English.

02 344 2740

5: Family Support

BCT Early Days Support

A team of volunteers offering general emotional support and practical information in the early weeks and months of parenthood.


BCT Experiences Register

A register of members willing to offer parent to parent support on a wide range of personal experiences from miscarriage, postnatal depression, and sleep deprivation to reflux, allergies, special educational needs, potty training and beyond.

Provides short term help for families with a sliding scale of charges. Also provides postnatal care for Mother and baby. Flemish speaking organisation with English speaking helpers.

CPAS - A Woluwe based French speaking network that offers support to families in case of sickness or after childbirth.
02 778 1160

Largest non-profit in Belgium. Dutch family support network. They offer baby care in the home in 4-hour blocks at set rates until baby is eight weeks old. They also offer household help.

French speaking family organisation.

Flemish speaking family organisation (with English section). Also second hand children's toys and clothes.

Information for young people in Brussels.

A website aimed at those growing up in Brussels.

6: Feeding

BCT Breastfeeding Support

A breastfeeding support service run by trained volunteers, offering mother-to-mother support.


BCT Bottle-feeding Support

A BCT volunteer offering information about bottle-feeding

Dutch speaking breastfeeding support network in Flanders. Contact persons can be found under 'Telefonische Dienst'

051 77 1803

French speaking organisation providing support and information on breastfeeding. Brussels and Wallonia.

02 242 9933

La Leche League: Breastfeeding Support and advice.

7: Baby Clinics

Kind en Gezin (child and family) is a Flemish speaking agency, equivalent to the ONE, that focusses on preventative treatment and guidance of young children geared to good outcomes in the future

The French-speaking office of birth and childhood (Office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance) is a public institution developing birth and childhood policies. Prenatal care and consultation clinics for children age 0 to 6 years.

ONE information in English

8: Special Needs


Brussels support for disabled people

02 660 3225 and 02 280 0148


UK organisations:

STEPS - a charity supporting adults and children with a lower limb or hip condition.

DSA - Downs Syndrome Association

Newlife Foundation for disabled children

9: General Links

Fondation pour la prevention des allergies

Support for parents of children with allergies.

10: Expat Websites

Free expat services around the world or in your area

Belgium online in English

Expat life in Belgium - offers free monthly newsletter

Information and guidance on administration and discovering what Belgium has to offer.

A practical guide for settling and living in Brussels.

11: Tourism Websites

Official Belgian tourist office.

Office for the promotion of tourism in Brussels and Wallonia.

Brussels-Capital region official website.

Official website for Wallonia.

Official website for Flanders.

Flemish Brabant official website.

12: Daily Life In Belgium

Brussels Information

Up to date information on what's happening in Belgium.

Yellow pages online.

Phone directory online.

Belgian Rail.

Travelling in Brussels - metro, tram and bus.

The Brussels Institute for the management of the Environment: including information on green spaces in Brussels.

13: Culture in Belgium

Cultural listings in Belgium.

The localisation section contains links to Brussels Museums.

English language theatre group in Brussels

English language children’s library

14: Helpful websites on pregnancy and baby

The UK's largest charity for parents.

Information on pregnancy, babies and toddlers.