Small Talk Magazine

Small Talk is the official magazine of the BCT. Four times per year it is distributed to our members. Each issue is packed with tips for family outings in Brussels and Belgium, details on BCT events and new initiatives and latest news from our more than 50 groups. Regular reports from our support teams reflect on various topics of pre- and postnatal care. A bunch of interesting articles and stories on parenthood, life style and other family-related issues completes the listing.

Small Talk in short:

  • 4 issues per year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
  • printed in A4 format
  • Partly with seasonal focus e.g. school start, summer, Christmas
  • Provides a window into family life in Belgium
  • Articles on well being and life style
  • Pregnancy, birth and parenting related topics & personal stories
  • Info on services and events catering for parents and children
  • Pregnancy and parenting info resource
  • BCT news
  • Members birthday greetings
  • Volunteer Voices and opportunities
  • All put together by an amazing team of volunteers


The BCT magazine – where members meet on paper.

Submit an Article

Many of our columnists, writers and contributors are members of the BCT. So if you’d like to write for the magazine, suggest an idea for an article or participate in the production in any other way – get in touch with the editor at

Deadline for submission of articles is the 1st of the month preceding the publication. The annual production schedule is Spring (out in March), Summer (out in June), Autumn (out in September and Winter (out in December).


For advertising opportunities contact

Deadline for submission of display ads is the 1st of the month preceding the publication. The annual production schedule is Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct and Nov/Dec.

Explore the magazine

As a member you get our Small Talk magazine delivered to your mail box every two months.

We also publish a number of articles in our BCT Blog, so if you are curious, head over there to read some more.

If you are not a member yet but would like to get a glimpse at the magazine, you can order a trial copy.

Contact the team

Members please log in to see other contact details for the magazine team, such as for the birthday greetings.

The list also tells you who to contact if you would like to update your address or in case you have not received the magazine lately.

My magazine is already worth my membership fee.
— Esther A.B.