Bottle-feeding Support

The BCT supports women whatever feeding choice they make for their baby and we have teams of experienced volunteers on hand to provide impartial information and support.

Your feeding choice. Our support.

Who we are

BCT Bottle-feeding Supporters are fellow parents who have personal experience of bottle-feeding their babies. Whilst our volunteers are not professional counsellors, they have all received training in listening skills.

What we do

We are there to help, in whatever way possible, with any bottle-feeding-related concerns you may have.

We can provide information, for example, on artificial milk brands, sterilising techniques and managing the move from bottles to solids. We are also more than happy to lend a listening ear to help you feel comfortable with your choice of feeding.

How we work

BCT Bottle-Feeding Supporters offer support mainly by phone and email. Members can contact any one of the Bottle-feeding Supporters at any time. Contact details are also published each month in Small talk magazine.

We also liaise closely with the other BCT postnatal support services (such as the Early Days Support and the Breastfeeding Support teams) to ensure you get the help and information you need.

Want to join the team?

Volunteering as a BCT Bottle-feeding Supporter is a very rewarding experience. Not only will you have the pleasure of directly helping other parents at one of life’s most challenging and exciting times, you will also join a team of caring and committed mums and can make some great new friends in the process.

If you are a member with a little time to spare, please contact us to find out more.

It is so nice to have someone who can support and talk to you when breastfeeding just doesn't work out for you and your baby. Plus bottle-feeding isn't as simple as you think! So many questions and problems that can arise: which bottles to use, what kind of nipples, finding a milk that is right for your baby, and the list goes on and on. I appreciate being able to call someone and ask 'What did you do?', 'Is this normal?', 'What would you suggest?'.
— KV

Contact us

This is one of the BCT's core services that is only available to members. Contact details for this service are available in our members' zone.

You are not a member yet but would like to find out more about this service? Don't hesitate to contact our information team at or the postnatal services coordinator at