Valley Cushion Hire

Valley cushions can help you to sit more comfortably after you have had your baby, especially if you have had stitches.

The BCT has a number of valley cushions available for hire to our members.

The cost of rental is €20 for 6 weeks plus €50 returnable deposit.

This is one of the BCT's core services that is only available to members, who can find contact details for this service in our members' zone.

You are not a member yet but would like to find out more about this service? Don't hesitate to contact our information team at or the postnatal services coordinator at

Are you sitting comfortably?

Due to stiches after my birth I was finding it very uncomfortable to sit up, even on a soft bed. The Physio in the hospital brought me a 'valley cushion’ which helped instantly. My problem was that I was still sore when I needed to go home. I was delighted when I was told I could rent one – my husband got one and I was comfy on the car journey home and was able to feed and get to know our new baby while sitting on chairs! It made an incredible difference to my comfort and my ability to heal while looking after my new son.
— AC