In a recent survey of 100 course participants we found that the main reason people do our Prenatal courses is because of their excellent reputation. Results show that expectations are very high ... and we meet those expectations.

Our courses perfectly complement the Belgian healthcare system, and coupled with other BCT post-natal support services, we don't disappoint.

Read what participants of our Birth & Parenting and refresher courses have to say:

I found the course absolutely invaluable. There was great advice on preparation for our new arrival and it gave us an idea of what to expect. Also we had a wonderful group and us Mums meet up every week.
— MO
The tutors were great and we very much liked their hands-on approach. And we are happy we now have new friends with whom we can share this wonderful journey from bumps to parenthood.
— ER
Nothing can really prepare you for having a little baby in the house. But the BCT prenatal course really made us reflect upon all the choices we had to make, and the challenges and happy times ahead. We especially appreciated the open-minded approach of the course leader, not subscribing to any specific popular theory.
— TB and DA
My husband and I found the prenatal course very helpful and informative. Although we had both done a lot of reading already the way information was presented helped to clarify things and it was very useful to have our specific questions answered. During my labour and our baby's birth we felt calmed and confident that we knew what was happening and what our options were. We also enjoyed the homely atmosphere of the course and meeting other future parents, whom we are still in touch with.
— Paula
Following a BCT Prenatal Course gave us answers to all questions we had on pregnancy, delivery - and beyond. But it was more than we expected: our teacher managed to make it always a great experience. The sessions were well organized and covered highly interesting topics, but were also fun and entertaining. And they provided tons of useful supporting materials. The Course gave us also the chance to meet other expectant parents - and now, four years later, we are still in touch with most of them and their growing and evolving families. The BCT Prenatal Course made it possible to see all bellies growing and then, once the course finalized, meet all new-borns and share lots of first experiences over the years. Any first-time parent coming from abroad and living in Belgium (and even locals involved in the expat community) will find great support from this course and all related materials and services from the BCT.
— Silvia
I found the BCT prenatal course invaluable ahead of the birth of my little boy. It not only taught me the practicalities of the early days with a young baby but helped me understand the processes of labour and I'm sure it contributed to a stress-free birth. The atmosphere in the classes was fun and relaxed, making it easy to ask questions and get to know future mums and dads.
— Martha
...thank you for being such a good teacher and bringing us together to be such good friends, the whole parenthood experience was so much better
— AC
The course was worthwhile and we were lucky to have a fun group of people. Our instructor put us all at ease and the dads, particularly, felt comfortable, enjoying their group tasks. The nine couples bonded so well that we met up almost on a weekly basis for the first six months after our babies were born. The support provided by this group of new friends was invaluable, especially in the absence of our families. Nearly five years on, only two couples from the group are still in Brussels but we haven't lost touch with our prenatal friends overseas. I would recommend the course as much for the content as for the social life and support network it can provide, especially as most of us were newcomers to Brussels.
— AP
My husband (a Belgian) and myself (American) both found the course to be very, very helpful. From his perspective, it was nice for him to talk with other fathers and he learned more about the administrative part regarding all the paperwork after the birth. For me, the biggest thing was the c-section talk, as I ended up having an unplanned section. Knowing a bit more about what was going on helped greatly.
— Gabrielle and Olivier Q
We recieved the course as a gift from friends, but we were not feeling very confident at first, and I was even more skeptical when the course started… But I was truly delighted by the end of the course and now I feel there is no better course for new parents to attend.
Very useful preparation for labour and birth. When we were at the hospital we felt much more confident and I understood more clearly the medical decisions and processes going on.
— HC