Experiences Register

The BCT’s Experiences Register is an ever-expanding network of fellow parents who can, between them, provide invaluable personal support on an almost limitless range of issues. Whatever your concerns, we will almost always be able to find someone who understands what you’re going through.

Before birth, with your baby and as your child grows up.

The BCT's Experiences Register is there to support you.

Who we are

Our parent volunteers are willing to share their own personal experiences on a wide variety of subjects that could be relevant to families of all ages and at all stages of life – whether related to birth, early parenting, child development or medical issues.

Many of the people listed in the Register have received training in listening skills and all of them are there to help, in whatever way possible, with any concerns you may have.

What we do

Issues currently supported by our volunteers range from miscarriage, still birth and postnatal depression through to reflux, crying and sleep deprivation and – far beyond the “early days” – to potty training, sibling rivalry and special educational needs.

The type and level of support on offer varies entirely according to your needs. Maybe you need some practical information on weaning or returning to work. Or perhaps you would like to speak to other parents who have dealt with toddler aggression. Maybe your child has a medical condition – be it epilepsy, allergies, a genetic disorder or a heart condition – and you’d like to hear how others have coped in a similar situation.

How we work

Many requests for support are made directly by members. Others may be referred to us by the BCT’s pre- and postnatal support teams, Information team or Group Leaders.

We always liaise closely with other BCT postnatal support services to ensure you get the help and information you need.

Want to join the team?

Volunteering as part of the BCT’s Experiences Register is a very rewarding experience. Not only will you have the pleasure of directly helping other parents at some of life’s most challenging and exciting times, you will also join a team of caring and committed mums and can make some great new friends in the process.

If you are a member with a little time to spare, please contact us to find out more.

Contact us

This is one of the BCT's core services that is only available to members. Contact details for this service are available in our members' zone.

You are not a member yet but would like to find out more about this service? Don't hesitate to contact our information team at info@bctbelgium.org or the postnatal services coordinator at postnatal-services@bctbelgium.org.