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These workshops are held at Imagine in Wezembeek-Oppem.

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BCT Member Courses



8 – 10 pm

Thursday, 12 January (free trial)
Wednesday, 18 January
Thursday, 26 January
Thursday, 2 February
Thursday, 9 February
Thursday, 16 February
Parents who have more than one child often hear: “It is not fair!”, “You gave to her more than to me!” “He punched me!” Such complains about one’s sister or brother might be hard for parents to hear and manage. During the course, we will learn and practice how to tackle these and other demanding situations with siblings. This course will help you to help your children learn to live together.

The course is designed for parents raising children of 2.5 years and older and is partly based on a best-selling book “Siblings without Rivalry” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

In the course, you will learn how to:

  • - Help your children express negative feelings without hurting each other.
  • - Treat your children unequally and still be fair.
  • - Free your children from harmful roles such as “bully” or “victim”.
  • - Respond helpfully when your children fight.
  • - Promote an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition.
  • - Resolve conflicts peacefully.

This course consists of 6 classes on the following topics:

  • Session 1: Helping siblings deal with their feelings about each other (FREE TRIAL).
  • Session 2: Keeping children separate and unequal.
  • Session 3: Siblings in roles.
  • Session 4: When the kids fight.
  • Session 5: Problem solving.
  • Session 6: A final review.

Aiste Grubliauskiene is a Psychologist, graduated from Vilnius University, Lithuania, and with a Doctor’s degree from Leuven University, Belgium. Aiste consults children and their families in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Brussels.

Cost of a course of 6 two-hour classes: 150 euros (for a couple – 200 euros, first session = free trial).

The size of a group: 6 – 12 participants.

Places are limited so booking is essential. To register for the course, please contact Aiste at aiste.grubliauskiene@gmail.com or +32 474 06 50 06




Fridays, 1 – 2 pm, 6-week series starting on 13 January and running until 17 February

with a FREE trial session for first-timers

Pilates offers one of the best ways to get back into – and maintain - shape quickly after having a baby. The benefits of Pilates classes are many. Designed specifically to target those problem areas that mothers face after pregnancy, these classes are conceived to firm-up + strengthen the body's core muscles in order to create a trimmer and sleeker silhouette. By creating a "girdle" around the middle you will have greater strength in the back + stomach muscles and will even increase arm strength to help cope with all the bending and lifting required with a new baby. Pilates will also help to improve posture. Pilates can do wonders for overall conditioning as well as de-stressing and helping for relaxation.

Marie Mackay is a qualified Pilates Instructor (Stott and Pilates Method Alliance certified) with 10 years teaching experience spent in and around Brussels. Marie teaches all ages, from teenagers to the elderly, and has a special interest in the postnatal, as this was the point in her own life that she discovered the wonders of Pilates!

Cost of this course of 6 one-hour classes: €72

Places limited so bookings essential. Please contact directly Marie.mackay.pilates@gmail.com, GSM: 0473 311911

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