BCT Early Days Support

Early Days Support


Leading up to the birth of your baby, you may have questions about Belgian healthcare services or concerns about the delivery. On your return home, your baby’s sleeping patterns, your experiences of breast or bottle-feeding, changes within your relationship, or even simply how much you are enjoying parenthood may mean that you want to talk to someone. That’s what your Early Days Supporter is there for.

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“I personally found the support I received from my early days supporter very reassuring. With a first baby you have no idea what’s normal or even what to do at times. So being able to talk to someone who is there to listen to you, support you and reassure you that everything you are doing is fine is very helpful – and really important at such an emotional time.”

Who we are

Early Days Supporters are fellow parents living here in Belgium who may have experienced similar feelings and difficulties, or know someone else who has. Whilst our volunteers are not professional counsellors, they have all received training in listening skills and are there to help, in whatever way possible, with any concerns you may have as new parents.

What we do

The level of support on offer varies entirely according to your needs. It ranges from offering basic practical guidance like
- Where can I get…?
- Who can I call…?
to helping you deal with more complex situations that may require input from other sections of the BCT or a recommendation for professional help.

How we work

Most parents are contacted by their Early Days Supporter through one of the BCT’s prenatal courses. One or two supporters are allocated to each prenatal group and these supporters can stay in contact (mainly by phone and email) over the first few months of parenthood.
The EDS service also welcomes individual requests for support from BCT members who are not attending a prenatal course.

Want to join our EDS team?

Volunteering as a BCT Early Days Supporter is a very rewarding experience. Not only will you have the pleasure of directly helping other parents at one of life’s most challenging and exciting times, you will also join a team of caring and committed mums and can make some great new friends in the process.

If you are a member with a little time to spare, please contact us to find out more.


To get in touch with the EDS team, members can contact eds@bctbelgium.org.