Parenting Resources 

At the BCT, we understand that information is vital when it comes to preparing for a baby’s birth, raising children or settling down as a family in a foreign country. That’s why we have developed a network of services and tools that supply information to all our members.


The volunteers of our Info-Team are just a phone call away when you need help to find what you are looking for within our many services, events and groups. There is also a collection of Belgium related links that families might find helpful.

Our largest parenting resource, however, are our members. The members' magazine Small Talk, our official Facebook group, our new app on Twizzit, our blog -  all these are tools that help members to take advantage of the combined experience and knowledge of our membership on all aspects of being and becoming a parent here in Belgium.

There are many more benefits that a BCT membership can bring to your family life. Become a member, too!

"The day I found the BCT was the first day I thought, ‘OK, I can do this.’ Within a month of joining, I had found a group of toddlers and moms I could connect with, plenty of recommendations for paediatricians and other much needed services, and a great source on anything I could need for my family. It’s only been 4 months since we moved here, but I feel just as settled as I did back in the US and can only attribute this to the BCT and its amazing resources and community."

BCT Info Team


At the forefront of our services is our Information Team. Reachable by phone and by email, this team of volunteers is there to answer all your questions related to a BCT membership, our group activities, events, classes and courses as well as general questions on pregnancy, birth and family living in Belgium. If we haven’t got an answer to your question, we will direct you to other sources of information.
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BCT Small Talk magazine


Small Talk is our inspiring and informative printed magazine exclusive for BCT members.
It features articles and stories related to pregnancy and parenthood, a selection of family events in Belgium, members’ birthday greetings, news and details on BCT activities and tips on life with a baby and family in Belgium. Small Talk is published four times per year and sent to all our members.
BCT Social media

BCT on Social Media

On Facebook we have got an active online community - and a place to meet virtually when our members can’t connect offline. Our Facebook group is a safe and vibrant forum for members to discuss anything related to pregnancy, parenthood and life in Belgium. While our Facebook page provides information about BCT events and relevant news as well as parenting articles and humorous views on family life from around the web.

BCT library

BCT Library @ The Clubhouse

Our library houses some 100 selected book titles on pregnancy, birth, child development, parenthood and other relevant subjects. It’s free of charge, it’s in English and it’s for all our members to borrow.
BCT Blog


The articles posted in our blog discuss various parenting subjects such as potty training, healthy food, working mums and dealing with sick children, schooling etc. They were published in past issues of our membership magazine Small Talk or by BCT bloggers.
BCT Helpful Links


Here we provide contact details for some English-speaking service providers in the field of childbirth and family life in Belgium – plus the most important emergency contacts.