We’re the one-stop-shop for information and services on every aspect of being or becoming a parent.

We're also a community of families from all over the world, run by volunteers and funded by our member families.

Welcoming families: The Brussels Childbirth Trust

Welcome to the BCT!

The Brussels Childbirth Trust is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation that supports parents and families here in Belgium. We are the leading source of pregnancy, prenatal and parenting information in English. We are also a social and support community, helping you and your family to get out and about and meet other English-speaking families for playdates, learning and fun!

We are all about family. No matter what stage you are at - whether planning a family, pregnant, with smaller or older children - we are here to make your life in Belgium easier and more enjoyable.

We have almost 800 member families from more than 70 countries around the world. They speak many different languages, but are united by English.

With more than 40 years of experience, the BCT offers regular prenatal courses and Belgium-specific pregnancy information sessions, postnatal peer-to-peer support, playgroups, coffee mornings, parents’ nights out, pregnancy and parenting resources and fun and interesting social and family events.

Heterosexual or same-sex couples, single parents, adoptive parents or divorced parents, families with babies, young children, older children or no children yet, all BCT members have the opportunity to meet others who share similar circumstances, lifestyles or interests.

Welcome to the BCT – we are very happy to have you!

"I have such wonderful memories of all the playgroups I attended, and people I met through the BCT, when my three boys were each in their baby and toddler years; the bargains gleaned, and volunteering fun at numerous Nearly New Sales; all I learned via the information talks and magazine; and so much more. BCT, you've been an absolute godsend and I'm so grateful for and amazed at everything you do...all with an ever-evolving team of volunteers."

Find out what the BCT has to offer:

BCT pregnancy


Before you welcome a new addition to your family, we have a range of prenatal support and information services to help you and your partner to prepare for your journey ahead.

BCT Support


During the emotional time after your baby is born, the BCT's postnatal support teams offer a wide range of informative and practical support services to members, at all stages of parenthood.

BCT Family life

Family Life

The BCT organises interesting and fun activities for everyone, be it playgroups, or special interest & support groups, neighbourhood groups or annual BCT parties and events such as our Nearly New Sales.

BCT Courses and Classes

Courses & Classes

The BCT not only offers different childbirth preparation courses but also pregnancy information classes, information talks and member courses on a range of topics.

BCT Parenting Resources small

Parenting Resources

Parenting information has become much more interactive in recent years - our greater resource are our members both on social media and in our many groups.

BCT About us

About the BCT

The BCT was founded in 1978 and has always been run by volunteers, who are the lifeblood of the organisation. Our home base is the Clubhouse in Ixelles.

Join us!

Whether you are an expectant or new parent, an established family, just arrived in Belgium or a long-time resident, full-time worker or stay-at-home carer, the BCT is for you.

BCT Join us

The BCT on Bruzz TV

The clubhouse of the Brussels Childbirth Trust: 'Bright and colourful place for children'


The Brussels Childbirth Trust is an NGO that supports English-speaking families in Brussels. It organises all kinds of activities for parents and their children. "We normally organise up to seventeen activities during the week. We are completely volunteer-run. There are a few group leaders who share the responsibility and make sure everyone has a good time."

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