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Prenatal Refresher Courses


Refresher courses are for parents who have already had a baby. They offer you a chance to spend a little time focussing on this subsequent pregnancy and birth, reflecting and building on past birth experiences, preparing for welcoming the new baby into your family, meeting others in a similar situation and making friendships.

These courses are shorter (1 to 2 sessions) than our Birth & Parenting courses for first time parents. They are much more individualised and they can take place as 1-2-1 sessions or in small groups either in-person or online. The courses also give expectant parents access to all our postnatal services, support and social activities as they are to be booked with a first-year membership.

Whilst the detailed agenda of the course is set by the group (couple) itself, key topics at a refresher course could include:

  • Debriefing previous birth and parenting experiences
  • Recapping on the process of labour and coping with pain
  • Recapping on possible medical interventions
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean
  • The different roles of health professionals in Belgium
  • Preparing young children for the arrival of a sibling

"I found the course absolutely invaluable. There was great advice on preparation for our new arrival and it gave us an idea of what to expect. Also we had a wonderful group and us Mums meet up every week." M.


To register your interest in a refresher course, please use the registration link below and answer NO to the question "Would you like to book a course for first-time parents?".


We run refresher courses on demand. The class could be individual or in a small group
and the exact number of hours depends  on the number of participants.


Refresher course: €90
(plus €55 first-year membership fee for non-BCT members)

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Please fill in the registration form and answer NO to the question "Would you like to book a course for first-time parents?".

Please note that there is no central office for course bookings. Booking clerks are volunteers working from home, so thank you for being patient and allowing a few days for a response.

Contact: If you have any questions, you can contact us at prenatal@bctbelgium.org.