BCT Interest groups

Interest Groups


The BCT has several interest groups, providing entertainmentexchange of information and social contact to their members. Shared interests range from sports, culture, lifestyle, hobbies, and language. Some groups are very large, with dozens of members, while others have only a handful of participants.

All groups meet on a regular basis and are always happy to welcome new members.

Our interest groups are initiated and organised by members for members. The group organisers keep in contact with members via the BCT app on Twizzit or email, alerting them to upcoming group meetings, and providing them with information on BCT events and services. Members can join an interest group by subscribing to it via our app on Twizzit and/or by contacting the group organiser (find contact details in the BCT app on Twizzit).

Our app/webpage on Twizzit holds the full BCT agenda including the activities of our interest groups. This is where members can see the details and how to sign up their attendance which is generally free unless the chosen activity requests a, usually small, fee.   

If you are not yet a member but would like to know more about one of these groups, or if you are a member and would like to set up a new interest group, please contact our Groups Coordinator at groups@bctbelgium.org.

Our Interest Groups:


This group is an opportunity for working mums to get together over lunch/coffee/dinner or also at weekends with families, to share experiences of being a working mum in Brussels and to get to know others in the same situation.

Family Cycling Group

Join the BCT family cycling group on their outings for a few loops around, a coffee for adults and a bit of playtime in the park for our children.


This group - open to all members - will see parents and children aged 0-4 come together once per month for a jovial get-together.


This group gives an opportunity for families raising their children with Irish to meet up and for kids who have Irish at home to use their mother tongue outside of the home.



Do you speak Spanish or have a love of Latin rhythms? If so, come and join us with your children for unstructured dance & play in a Spanish-speaking environment! We meet once a month at the weekend.


Welcoming all fathers with young children for a chat and playtime.


This group aims to discuss our parent struggles, strategies, and concerns related to the stereotypes of sex and gender, social pressure to fit into binary boxes (pink for girls, blue for boys), hypersexualization of the kids, and other topics related to the contemporary Gender discussions. Our goal is to educate ourselves through readings and discussions, support each other, build a community, learn from others, and share our knowledge too. We are not experts on any particular subject but to love and care for our kids and ourselves.

Scandinavian Language Group

We are happy to invite you to our Swedish-speaking playdate at the Clubhouse.
The aim is for our kids to be more exposed to the Swedish language and culture while the parents also enjoy a good chat. Parents and kids of all ages are very welcome!
Other Scandinavian languages are also welcome to join!

Italian Language Group

Ciao a tutti, we are happy to invite you for an Italian-speaking playdate. Parents and kids of all ages are welcome. The aim is for our kids to be more exposed to the Italian language and for us parents to enjoy a good chat!


The Lifers group is for families who are living in Belgium permanently or who expect to remain long term. Our group welcomes men and women, working or not, families with young children and those whose children are grown, from all over Belgium. We share resources and pool information via a mailing list. The group has established various sub groups which cater for those with common interests.


The Lifers Market was set up to enable Lifers to buy, sell and/or recycle goods within the Lifers group.

Greek Language Group

We are happy to invite you for a Greek-speaking playdate. Parents and kids of all ages are welcome! The aim is for our kids to be more exposed to the Greek language and culture and for parents to enjoy a good chat!

German Language Group

Meet-up of families with babies and children who want to practise speaking German. We sing songs, dance, chat and do seasonal crafts. Most meetings will be in the BCT Clubhouse, once a month at weekends, and some meetings will be outdoors, visiting farms, playgrounds or other locations together. The group is open to German, Austrian and Swiss expat families, and families for which German is only the third or fourth language, as well as all families that fall somewhere in between or just have an interest in the German language.

Would you like to revive one of our interest groups or set up a new one?

All or our groups are initiated and organised by enthusiastic members for members. If you would like to host a group, please email us at groups@bctbelgium.org.