Art course at the BCT Clubhouse

Member Courses


BCT member courses are specialised offers on subjects of interest for BCT members. Some are related to sports and well-being, others to babies, parenting or even a creative subject. Some courses consist of several sessions while others are ongoing offers. Teachers of our courses (and workshops) are certified instructors in their professional field. Almost all courses start with one free class to give new participants the possibility to test the course. While the trial sessions are open to non-BCT members, the Member Courses are exclusively for BCT members. Join us and take advantage of the many benefits that a membership can bring to your family life here in Belgium.

Member Courses are either held online or at our Clubhouse at 620 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1050 Ixelles.

Call to BCT Members: If you are a BCT member and would like to offer a course to other members, please contact us at

All BCT member courses:
  • can be attended without any specific fitness level or previous experience,
  • offer a free trial session to BCT members (unless otherwise specified),
  • require booking as places are limited.
Art Course - Painting @ Clubhouse

Mondays, 19h - 21h.  Next class: 4 March

This course is to offer hard-working parents the opportunity to explore their creative side while learning basic painting techniques (acrylic), creating a different painting to bring home, in a relaxing, creative atmosphere. 

BCT member, Chérine Nasri, divided her studies between Special Needs Education and Arts, to finally graduate university with a Visual Arts teaching degree. She has taught art in different community environments and loves teaching art to all ages. She also exhibits her own work in art shows in Europe.
Equipment required: The instructor will provide the table easels, painting canvas, paints (acrylics or oils), paint brushes and all painting tools, table cloths
to protect the tables and rags/paper towels. Participants need to bring a painting smock or wear clothes they do not mind getting dirty.
Cost: 35 euros for a two-hour session. Members may observe a class as a free trial (as there is a cost for providing materials to use).
Places are limited so booking is essential. Minimum number of participants per class: 4. To register, please contact or GSM: 0489 79 16 62.
Baby massage @ Clubhouse

Wednesdays, 10 - 11 h, next course: 13 March - 10 April

For: caregivers and infants - newborn to pre-crawling

Massage can help bonding, break down barriers, soothe the mind and body.

This course of 5 classes of 60 minutes is fun and relaxed and open to all caregivers. We will progress to learn to massage the whole baby. It is a baby led course - we respect the wish of the baby. If your baby does not wish to be massaged, then you can participate and learn the strokes to then use later.

The course is facilitated by Joanne Fraser, who is a trained instructor of Infant Massage and has practised in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium over the last 14 years.

Cost: 100€ for a course of 5 sessions.
Places are limited so booking is essential. Minimum number of participants per class: 4. To register, please contact Joanne at

Parenting with Positive Discipline - Online Workshop

Next course: Fridays, February 23, March 1, 8, 22, April 26 & May 3  

Fridays, 19:30-21:30 via Zoom

Parenting with Positive Discipline helps children develop self-discipline and problem-solving skills, become more responsible and cooperative, have greater respect for themselves and others. The teachings of Positive Discipline are filled with non-punitive and non-permissive methods that will build relationships and keep the lines of communication open.

This course is designed for families with children up to the age of 10. It allows parents and caregivers to go through the process of changing how they look at misbehavior and their role as parents. Parents learn many of the Positive Discipline tools through experiential learning experiences.

These are just some underlying principles of Positive Discipline:

Be Kind and Firm;

Connection before Correction;


There is a belief behind behavior;

A misbehaving child is a discouraged child.


Parents learn how to:

Get into their child’s world;

Connect with their child;

Have fewer power struggles;

Invite cooperation;

Choose their battles;

Encourage, encourage, encourage;

Use discipline to teach;

Be firm and kind;

Feel more confident and peaceful in their parenting;

Take care of themselves;

Let the message of love get through


Parents learn by:

Actively participating in the class rather than passive learning that is less helpful;

Practicing new skills through role-playing;

Practicing new skills with their own child(ren) during the week;

Getting encouraging feedback as they learn how difficult it can be to change old habits.


Cost of a course of 6 two - hour classes: 320 euros (420 euros for a couple).

The cost includes:

  • 6 interactive classes
  • Weekly practice assignments
  • Electronical version of “The Positive Discipline Workbook”
  • Electronical version of “Positive Discipline Parenting Tools”

The cost does not include:

  • a book which you are advised to read (not compulsory).

Facilitator: Aiste Grubliauskiene is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a Psychologist, graduated from Vilnius University, Lithuania, and with a Doctor’s degree from Leuven University, Belgium.  Aiste consults children and adults in Tervuren.

To register for the course, please contact Aiste at or +32474065006.


Pilates & more @ Wezembeek/online

Online via Zoom and in-person @ Wezembeek-Oppem

Thursdays, 8-9 pm: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums + LPF (intermediate level)
Fridays, 10-11 am: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums

Open to everyone - dads & postnatal mums are welcome.

Fun, tailor-made classes with individual correction.

Do you wish to:

  • Reduce stiffness on your joints?
  • Enhance body awareness (flexion, extension & rotation);
  • Improve your posture, balance & coordination;
  • Avoid back-aches (upper, middle or lower back pain due to prolonged sitting or carrying your children);
  • Work several muscle chains simultaneously;
  • Feel relaxed & stretch after your workout;

Guided by Sandra, a qualified and experienced Stott Pilates instructor, you will learn how to

  • strengthen your perineum & pelvic floor,
  • reduce your waistline, tone your muscles,
  • improve your breathing and sleep,
  • avoid hernias & decrease urinary incontinence & prolapse,
  • detect and massage your trigger points to release tension
  • gain 1 extra hour of energy.

Sandra Gomez Wilches is qualified Stott Pilates instructor, expert in matwork and reformer, with 5 years of experience teaching all age groups from rehabilitation to professional sports people. As Sandra strongly believes that the mind, the emotions and body are linked, she insists on the importance of breathing to create body awareness and positive thinking to achieve one's goals. Sandra has also followed training on trigger points (how to find tender areas on your body and releasing tension) as well as Low Pressure Fitness (a repertoire of postural & breathing exercises which decreases intra-abdominal pressure using apneas. Its benefits are: improves capacity of breathing, creating recuperative sleep, strengthening & restoration of pelvic floor & perineum muscles as well as reducing your waist perimeter).

Cost: 185€ for 10 classes or 21 € for 1 class - The first session is a free trial for BCT members. Personal training & duos are also available on request.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact Sandra at or 0485 94 15 89.

Postnatal Exercise @ online (Clubhouse option)

Online (in-person option at the Clubhouse at a mutually agreed time)

If there is sufficient interest, a further group can be offered online or in-person at the Clubhouse in the mornings

Tuesdays, 19:30 - 20:30  

Safe and soft postnatal gym classes

For: For women who have recently had a baby (start is from about 4-6 weeks post-partum; after a caesarean it depends) or for women who want a workout that is safe and reasonable for a body that has been pregnant, no matter how long ago the birth is).

(> Please contact Sirka if you have any questions, she will help to classify your level and if the course fits your needs)

In group classes, exercises will be adapted to each participant’s needs.


… re-strengthen your core from the inside out.

… heal your Diastasis Recti & flatten your tummy.

… restore your pelvic floor functions & address incontinence.

… improve your back-pain & increase your well-being.

… help to feel yourself again and being fit for your new (mummy) life!

Important: Please make sure you have your ob/gyn’s consent to perform soft gym.



January 9, 23, 30: 54€
February 6, 13, 20 ,27: 72€

€20 per drop-in class

Participants receive a recording of any class (valid for 4 weeks).

To register, please contact Sirka at or + 49 176 34 51 61 25.

By Sirka Ginsel, a qualified and experienced sports scientist, trained to teach prenatal & postnatal exercises and working as a therapist in a rehabilitation clinic for orthopaedics and neurology.

If you are interested, please contact Sirka without obligation to find out whether you can participate. She will then discuss details and the timing with you.


Postnatal Pilates @ Clubhouse

Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:00  Spring term: 5/3, 12/3, 19/3, 26/3, 16/4, and 23/4 

Mums are welcome to bring their pre-crawling babies to this class and to stay after the class to socialise.

These Mat Pilates classes are designed to re-establish core stability, reduce diastasis recti, if present, improve posture and balance, strengthen the pelvic floor, mobilize all joints in the body, build stamina for general health and provide breathing exercises for a moment of calm.

Classes are given by Brittany, a qualified pre & postnatal Matwork Pilates instructor, trained with Body Control Pilates UK.

Cost: €108 per block of 6 classes (€18 per class), €20 per drop-in class. Members may observe the class as a free trial.

Attendees must have medical clearance to participate. Booking preference will be given to members attending the full course.

To register, please email Brittany at

Family Language Planning - Online Consultation

Raising bilingual childrenFamily Language Planning consultations are designed for families whose children live with two or more languages. They aim to support each family in ensuring the successful bi-/multilingual development of their children by creating a language environment that is conducive to success and comfortable for everyone.

The product of each in-depth Family Language Planning consultation is a Family Language Plan. The process of creating it helps parents consider their options, formulate their priorities, and determine which steps to take to reach their objectives.  Creating a Family Language Plan includes goal setting, mapping out where the input in each language will come from (in terms of people and time), how fluency and literacy will be approached in each language and, last but not least, how challenges will be dealt with.

Maria Potvin and Daphne Vlachojannis are fully trained Family Language Consultants at On Raising Bilingual Children. They were both faced with the same challenges as the multilingual families they are now offering their support to.

Cost for a 30-minute Targeted Consultation: 50 euros

Cost for a 3-part Family Language Planning package (consisting of two in-depth consultation sessions of 90 and 60 minutes plus a written Family Language Plan): 350 euros

For more information, please visit To request a consultation, please use the contact form at