Member Courses


These courses are specialised offers on subjects of interest for BCT members. Some are related to sports and well-being, others to babies, parenting or even a creative subject. Some courses consist of several sessions while others are ongoing offers. Teachers of our courses (and workshops) are certified instructors in their professional field. All courses start with one free class to give new participants the possibility to test the course. While the trial sessions are open to non-BCT members, the Member Courses are exclusively for BCT members. Join us and take advantage of the many benefits that a membership can bring to your family life here in Belgium.

Member Courses are either held online or at our Clubhouse at 620 Chaussee de Waterloo, 1050 Ixelles.

Call to BCT Members: If you are a BCT member and would like to offer a course to other members, please contact us at

All BCT member courses:
  • can be attended without any specific fitness level or previous experience,
  • offer a free trial session to BCT members (unless otherwise specified),
  • require booking as places are limited.
Baby massage @ the Clubhouse

Starting on Friday, 3 June

Fridays 10-11 h @ the Clubhouse

For: caregivers and infants - newborn to pre-crawling

Massage can help bonding, break down barriers, soothe the mind and body.

This course of 5 classes of 60 minutes is fun and relaxed and open to all caregivers. We will progress to learn to massage the whole baby. It is a baby led course - we respect the wish of the baby. If your baby does not wish to be massaged, then you can participate and learn the strokes to then use later.

The course is facilitated by Joanne Fraser, who is trained as an instructor of Infant Massage (International Association of Infant Massage 2004). Through her voluntary work at O.N.E. in Waterloo and private classes, she has seen the value of still hands and gentle touch with respect in the process of grief and healing. Joanne has practised in the UK, Switzerland and Belgium over the last 14 years and has a Facebook site babyinbelgium to promote respectful touch and infant massage.

Cost: 100€ for a course of 5 classes at the Clubhouse  (the first session is a free trial for BCT members)

Places are limited so booking is essential. To register, please contact Joanne at

Pilates & more

Online via Zoom (in-person sessions possible)

Mondays, 10-11 am: Pilates + Low-Pressure Fitness (LPF)
Thursdays, 8-9 pm: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums + LPF
Fridays, 10-11 am: Pilates + Legs, Bums & Tums

Open to everyone - dads & postnatal mums are welcome.

Do you wish to:

  • Reduce stiffness on your joints?
  • Enhance body awareness (flexion, extension & rotation);
  • Improve your posture, balance & coordination;
  • Avoid back-aches (upper, middle or lower back pain due to prolonged sitting or carrying your children);
  • Work several muscle chains simultaneously;
  • Feel relaxed & stretch after your workout;
  • Start some physical activity with a tailor-made routine just for you?

If so, join Sandra for Pilates & More to see and feel the results!

You will learn how to:

  • strengthen your perineum & pelvic floor,
  • reduce your waistline, tone your muscles,
  • improve your breathing and sleep,
  • avoid hernias & decrease urinary incontinence & prolapse,
  • detect and massage your trigger points to release tension
  • gain 1 extra hour of energy.

Sandra Gomez Wilches is qualified Stott Pilates instructor, expert in matwork and reformer, with 5 years of experience teaching all age groups from rehabilitation to professional sports people. As Sandra strongly believes that the mind, the emotions and body are linked, she insists on the importance of breathing to create body awareness and positive thinking to achieve one's goals. Sandra has also followed training on trigger points (how to find tender areas on your body and releasing tension) as well as Low Pressure Fitness (a repertoire of postural & breathing exercises which decreases intra-abdominal pressure using apneas. Its benefits are: improves capacity of breathing, creating recuperative sleep, strengthening & restoration of pelvic floor & perineum muscles as well as reducing your waist perimeter).

Cost: 90€ for 5 classes (18€ per class) or 160€ for 10 classes (16€ per class) or 18 € for 1 class - The first session is a free trial for BCT members. Personal training & duos are also available on request.

Places are limited so booking is essential. Please contact Sandra at or 0485 94 15 89.

BCT Workshop: Good Family Sleep
Online via Zoom

Individual sleep consultations for BCT families with children between 0 and 4 years of age by Johanna, postpartum doula specialised in infant and toddler sleep training. To ensure that the whole family can have the best possible sleep, we will explore: your children's characters and the effect this has on their sleep, what is going well already and what is not yet, why there are sleep related challenges and where they stem from, how to introduce new changes/new routines, ideas for routines, tips and tricks. Included are an insightful sleep questionnaire and a feedback call by Johanna, where you will receive tailor-made advice on how to improve your family's sleep.

Cost: 50€ per family.

To register or to ask questions, please contact Johanna at

Midweek Relaxing Bedtime Yoga

Online via Zoom

Wednesdays, 21:20 - 22 h

A session to de-stress, relax and sleep well. Put your kids to bed and then put on comfortable clothes or even your pyjamas (cameras can be on or off) and find a quiet space for 30 minutes of relaxing stretching, breathing and soft yoga poses, followed by 10 minutes of guided relaxation, leaving you relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.

Johanna is a yoga teacher specialised in yoga for relaxation, anxiety and stress management.

Cost: 10€ per session. Participants always sign up for 4 weeks (40€).

To register please contact Johanna at

Starting in July: Postnatal Exercise (Postpartum level 1)

Online via Zoom

Thursdays, at 10h - starts 14 July (free trial session)

Postpartum level 1 i.e. for women who gave birth 6-8 weeks ago (birth mode vaginal or cesarean). Your doctor must approve your participation.
If you are unable to attend a class, you will of course receive a recording of the video and can catch up on the session or repeat it as often as you wish.
You will be invited to join a Whatsapp group, where you will find audio files, motivation and exchange.
We will do light exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and body core. Low impact and low-pressure fitness, combined with breathing, do not put extra stress on your abdomen. We will end with relaxation to complete the 60 minute-session for your health and recovery, body, mind and soul.

Sirka Ginsel, is a qualified and experienced sports and health scientist, trained to teach prenatal & postnatal exercises.

Cost: 90 € for 6 sessions (21.07. - 25.08.)

For more information and to register: Please contact Sirka at or + 49 176 34 51 61 25. Places are limited so that we can really work together effectively and safely. Please register in advance (first come first serve).

Back in July 2022: Bumps in motion @ the Clubhouse

Safe and soft prenatal gym classes, adapted for each stage of pregnancyTime to be agreed by members interested

For:  Pregnant women in all trimesters as long as they have their gynaecologist’s consent to perform soft gym. In the group classes the exercises will be adapted to each participant’s needs.  Members will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire regarding your health, your pregnancy, possible problems, your aims, etc.

Why: Pregnancy is a beautiful but challenging time, especially physically. Pay yourself the attention you deserve and take an hour for yourself to become and stay strong, fit and healthy. If we are looking towards birth, then good body awareness, stamina and strength (physical and mental) are extremely important. Childbirth can be compared to climbing Mount Everest - an incredibly great experience that demands a lot and rewards even more. The fitter and more prepared you are, the better you can experience childbirth and actively influence it positively.

How: We will do exercises paying attention to low impact and low pressure fitness, giving the baby more space and supporting our baby and the belly in the best way possible.  We will do strength exercises and muscle toning, light aerobic exercises to work stability, flexibility & stretching; especially for the hips, the pelvis and the pelvic floor. We finish with relaxation (especially in contact with our belly baby and the upcoming birth).

Equipment required: Please bring your own exercise mat or a big towel, something to drink, comfortable clothes and also some “warm” clothes for afterwards and/or relaxation.

BCT member Sirka Ginsel, mother of a two year-old girl, is a sports and health scientist. She has worked in a rehabilitation hospital since 2011 and worked in a sports medicine department at  university during her PhD.  Following her pregnancy, Sirka trained in Germany and Switzerland to teach prenatal & postnatal exercise and hypnobirthing.

Cost: 15 € per session (the first session is a free trial for BCT members) Private classes are also offered.

For more information or to register: Please contact Sirka at or +49 176 34 51 61 25. Places are limited so booking is essential.

NEW - Starting in September: Nordic Walking @ Bois de la Cambre

Mondays 4pm @ Bois de la Cambre - starts 5 September

For whom? Everybody, especially parents with their babies and mums-(and dads)-to-be. It burns twice as many calories as ordinary walking and is ideal and gentle during and after pregnancy. It is low impact and gentle on joints, great for strengthening & toning the abdominals and the whole body and fantastic for improving and maintaining your cardiovascular fitness. Exercising outdoors is guaranteed to boost your emotional, mental and physical well-being and it’s sociable and fun too!

What are the benefits for the mums-to-be? Nordic Walking assists with the changing centre of balance during pregnancy and is ideal for easing lower back pain during pregnancy.

What are the benefits for new mums? It’s great for getting back into exercise after having a baby. There is no need to book a babysitter either – you can take your baby with you in a carrier or baby sling! You will enjoy plenty of fresh air and, while you get a good workout, your baby will love the rhythm of walking and sleep soundly throughout! What will participants do?

4 x 60 minute sessions are recommended to learn the safe and effective Nordic Walking technique, with each session starting with a warm-up and ending with gentle stretching. Learning the correct technique with a qualified instructor makes all the difference and enables you to get the most out of this total body workout.

Please note: As with any new exercise regime, please get approval from your doctor or midwife before starting Nordic Walking.

Equipment needed: A pair of trainers or flexible-soled walking shoes and comfortable seasonal clothing are all you need. Poles will be provided, if you do not have your own. You don’t need any specialist baby equipment – just a normal baby carrier or a sling. It is advisable to practice carrying your baby in a sling or carrier prior to beginning Nordic Walking. When your baby is still small you will carry the baby in front. As soon as your baby can safely hold up his/her own head, you can carry the baby on your back, if preferred. This way you both have a better view; your baby can see a lot more of his/her surroundings and you will have unrestricted sight of the ground in front of your feet. Your baby will be able to enjoy sharing your body warmth. But as he/she is still a little too young to join in fully, his/her extremities will cool down rapidly, so wrapping up warm is of utmost importance, especially when it is cold outside.

- for the 8 week beginners course: 90€ (12 Sep. - 31 Oct.) or bringing your own poles: 76€.
- for the 4 week beginners course: 54€ (12. Sep. - 03. Oct.) or bringing your own poles: 40€.

5th September = free trial session for BCT-members!

For more information or to register (first come first serve), please contact Sirka at or +49 176 34 51 61 25. Places are limited to 9, so booking is essential. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE ON 22 AUGUST.

*There may also be the possibility of offering a Nordic Walking group in Tervuren Park if there is interest. If you are interested, please contact Sirka without obligation at We will then see which day and time would suit best for the group.