Expecting a baby is one of life’s most exciting periods. There are many decisions and plans to make, questions that need answering … and living abroad, away from your usual support networks, can make things complicated.
We are here to support you on your journey to parenthood.


The BCT's prenatal support teams consist of qualified and skilled professionals and experienced parents. They offer a wide range of information and support services, whatever your stage of pregnancy.

If you are expectant and new to Belgium or you just found out that you are pregnant and would like to get general information about the main aspects of having a baby here, our Pregnancy in Belgium information session might be just what you are looking for.

Our prenatal courses provide in-depth preparation for childbirth for first-time parents. They are designed to give pregnant women and their partners information and practical tools to help them make informed decisions during the process of pregnancy and birth, to communicate more confidently with health professionals and to cope with the challenges of early parenthood. Our refresher courses are shorter and individually designed to the needs of the parents.

All classes involve a mixture of discussion, information and practical activities in a relaxed environment and can help parents-to-be develop a support and friendship network that continues long after the course ends.

We hold pain management systems for labour and the postnatal period to rent and our volunteers run invaluable support groups for people in particular situations.

The majority of our services are for members only and you are welcome to join us now to make sure you get all of the information, support and friendship you need, whenever you need it. For more reasons to join the BCT community, see the benefits of BCT membership for parents-to-be and families in Belgium.

“I would like to thank you for an amazing course and great experience.
At the beginning I said I had many fears about the delivery but I became more confident and calm with techniques, information and better planning that you provided!"
"Many poses and breath techniques that we have studied at the course helped me a lot.”

BCT Pregnancy in Belgium evening


A unique one-off evening class designed for those pregnant or just planning to have a baby, who would like to learn how the maternity system here in Belgium works. Participants receive a follow-up booklet packed with useful information and resources.
The class is open to members and non-members alike. Your BCT membership gives you a reduced admission fee.

BCT birth and parenting courses


The BCT’s comprehensive Birth & Parenting courses prepare expectant first-time parents for pregnancy, labour, delivery, and those first weeks with an infant at home. Our courses cover topics such as medical interventions, relaxation techniques, breastfeeding, and parenthood preparation.

BCT refresher courses


Parents who already have had a baby often still have questions about how they can prepare for a new arrival. Maybe you’re planning (or hoping) for a different experience than you had the first time around. Maybe you’re concerned about how to prepare your family for the changes a new baby can bring. Maybe it’s the first birth for one parent.

BCT hypnobirthing courses


The BCT has teamed up with Simply Hypnobirth and offers a Hypnobirthing Essential course for expectant parents that would like to purely focus on hypnobirthing breathing, visualization and partner support.
This 3-hour course, taught either online or in-person, perfectly complements our comprehensive Birth & Parenting course.

Support Groups & Networks

Peer support is a hugely important part of parenting. The BCT has a number of support groups for people in particular situations. These include an IVF network and a pregnant & new mums drop-in, a group of parents of babies who started their lives in the neonatal department, as well as a group for single parents and for families with children with special needs.

BCT Tens and Valley cushion hire


TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines can provide pain relief during labour.
Valley cushions can help you to sit more comfortably after you have had your baby, especially if you have had stitches.
The BCT has a number of TENS machines and valley cushions available for our members to hire.