BCT Nearly New Sale - Number allocators

Number Allocators


Number Allocators are designated volunteers who facilitate the registration of sellers and the intake of goods prior to the Nearly New Sale.

They are the first contact for sellers. They hand out “Seller Numbers” which enable BCT members and non-members to sell their goods. They receive the goods from the sellers before the event and hand back unsold items after the sale. Find out more about how to sell at the sale from our information for sellers.

Everybody who wants to sell at the sale has to contact one of our Number Allocators and ask for a seller number.

The list of Number Allocators for the next sale will be published below. They will release their seller numbers about one month before the sale, first to BCT members and then to non-members.

How many items?

With one seller number you are usually allowed to sell 50 (small) items and 10 large items, unless specified otherwise due to venue size. See Information for sellers for specifications of small and large items.

Two numbers per household

If you have more than 50 items to sell, the Number Allocator can provide an additional Seller Number, with a maximum of two Seller Numbers per household. Please note that if a seller submits more than 50 items, some goods may be rejected without notice and a penalty of 10€ may be charged.

Unsold items

What would you like to do with your unsold items – or donate some of them?

If you would like some of your unsold items to be donated to charity, please highlight the description on the label with any colour highlighter and they will go directly to charity after the sale.

Pick the number allocator most convenient for you

In order to sell items, pick and contact the Number Allocator whose location is the most convenient to you. Your Number Allocator will be your main contact point and will provide you with every required detail.

Watch this space for the list of number allocators for the next sale!