BCT Nearly New Sale - Information for sellers

Information for Sellers


At the Nearly New Sales the BCT sells all items on behalf of pre-registered sellers. This means that sellers will not have to attend the sale in order to sell their items. However, they have to prepare their items in order for them to enter the sale. The following procedures and guidelines explain how you can sell items at the BCT’s Nearly New Sale.

Remember - you sell at your own risk. While every attempt is made to ensure proper handling, the BCT is not responsible for your goods. Your goods are not insured by the BCT.

Please always follow the information provided in the "Advice to sellers" that you receive from your number allocator. Even if you have participated in previous sales, you should read the latest version to make sure you are aware of all changes.

The following instructions were updated for the fall 2019 sale and might be slightly different for upcoming sales.

Please check back a few weeks before the next sale for any updates.

Advice to sellers

It is very important that you read this before preparing items for sale as you will be asked to sign to say you have read and agree to these instructions when goods are dropped off with your number allocator. You sell at your own risk. While every attempt is made to ensure proper handling, the BCT is not responsible for your goods and they are not insured by the BCT.

Please note that there have been a number of changes to how the sale works. Below you will find some of the changes that have been put in place:

  • NEW: no maternity clothes
  • no videos and DVDs; cuddly toys must be new; no breast pumps/formula
  • changes regarding mattresses and car seats
  • label every item even when sold in sets/bags
  • use of barcode labels (if you use stickers, it might help to print on plain paper and glue the right label on the sticker - if you have problems printing and want to avoid wasting stickers)
  • virement info needs to be sent to number allocator via email

This list is not exhaustive, it just meant to give you an idea. Please be sure to read the information you get from your number allocator thoroughly. Upon dropping off items with your Number Allocator, you will sign a paper saying you have read, understood, and agree to these terms.

What can I sell?
  • Baby & children's clothes (age 0 - 12)
  • Maternity equipment (no clothes)
  • Nursery equipment, baby items, cribs, baby beds
  • Nearly new shoes, slippers and wellies (may not be scuffed or worn down)
  • CDs/electronic games
  • Toys, books, puzzles, board games
  • Strollers & bike carts
  • Bicycles, ride-on vehicles, steps
  • Car seats & Car seat Bases
  • Everything must be of new or nearly new quality, complete, safe and clean, in good working order for toys, puzzles & equipment, brand new with original tag for stuffed toys. Every item is checked for quality. Unsatisfactory items will be returned.
  • Clothes that are stained, too worn, have holes or buttons missing will not be entered into the sale.
  • No food items (e.g. baby formula), no video cassettes, and no breast-pumps.
  • Mattresses must be new and in original, sealed packaging.
  • Car seats must meet EC regulations and be within 5 years of manufacture date.
  • Goods cannot be entered into more than 2 sales.
  • Clothes in the 0-3 month and 3-6 month categories must be appropriate to the season of the sale. This means clothing for the March sale must be Spring/Summer wear, and the October sale accepts Winter wear.

If there is a problem with a sold item after the Sale, the buyer will be given the seller’s telephone number to work out an agreement. In no circumstances will BCT reimburse a buyer for any item bought at the Sale as items are sold as seen.

How do I prepare my goods for sale?
  • A new system is in place, including pre-created labels for you to attach to your items. Instructions are found below, under the section ''Labels''.
  • All items must be clearly, visibly and securely labeled, we recommend two labels per item or part item. The BCT will not sell goods where the label is missing or falls off during handling.
  • All parts of equipment or clothing must be labeled separately indicating they are part of a group e.g. 2 of 2 etc. Pairs or parts of clothing must be attached using safety pins (not flat pins) or sewn together. Parts of toys equipment etc should be attached or contained together. Things that have many items, legos, puzzles, etc. need to be bagged up so the items to not become separated from the package or break open all over the floor.
  • As it must be possible to inspect all goods prior to the Sale, do not use any packaging materials (including staples) that make inspection difficult.  If goods are packed into a bag please ensure it is clear and re-sealable.  Don’t forget to label the bag and each item inside.
  • Dresses, coats or 2/3 piece outfits should be delivered on hangers.
  • Price goods realistically (what would you pay?) Helpful hint: Relatively high-priced items move slower. Most items that sell well are priced between 10% and 20% of their original value. When there are many of the same item in the sale (ex: blankets, sleep-sacks, newborn bodies/ vests/onesies), lower prices help.
  • Items submitted for sale have a minimum price of €0.50. The total of submitted items per number should have a minimum sales value of 10 Euros.
  • Printable labels are widely available in most office/paper shops. They are 70x36mm format, 24 stickers per A4 sheet. If you do not wish to use self-sticking labels, you can sew or safety (not straight) pin them on using the left-hand border of the label. Do not pierce or damage the bar code, it will render your label unreadable by the bar code scanners.
What do I do to sell my goods?
  • Your number allocator will have advised you when goods are to be dropped off,  please be on time and advise her if you will not be coming.
  • Remember there is a limit of 50 items per number, contact your number allocator if you require an additional number. If you submit more than 50 items on one seller number, some goods may be rejected from the sale without notice and a penalty of  €10 may be charged.
  • Maximum of ONE (1) numbers (equal 50 items) per household (Limited due to Venue Size).
  • Please deliver goods sorted, in bags or boxes into the following categories: - Clothes: 0-3 M, 3-6M, 6-12M, 12-24M, 2/3 years, 4/5/6 years, 7-9 years and 9-12 years, Maternity. - Other goods: Toys, Books, Equipment, Multimedia
  • We have changed the process to reduce errors and speed up the payment process, and are using electronic  transfer (virement collectif) for payment. You must now submit your bank information, including your IBAN number & name of the bank, name of the beneficiary on the account and address for an electronic transfer to be completed. You must verify and sign that your information is recorded correctly when you drop off small goods, or as agreed with number allocator, before the sale day.  IBAN code and Name of the Beneficiary of the account must be provided as part of Sellers Account details, or you will not be paid. Please note that you are personally responsible for ensuring that your account number is recorded correctly. Even if you only have large items, you must have provided your bank information and signed that this is correct prior to the sale day.
How do I print and use the labels?


  • On the label, there is a barcode, your seller number (in this case, 0100), the price, and number of parts, the category (clothing – 0-3 month, equipment, maternity, etc.) and a clear description. The description is not optional, it is to prevent labels being lost and placed on incorrect items.
  • For the number of parts, each item part of a set (such as 3 hats in a ziplock bag) gets ONE label, and their number (1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3). When an item is just a singular item (a simple dress, one pair of pants) the item gets TWO labels and it is numbered ''1 of 1''.
  • The categories have not changed from previous sales.
  • The description is important and needs to be simple but detailed. ''Red Gap Sweater W/Zip'' or ''Multicoloured Knitted Dress'' are clear and help reunite label and item if the label gets detached. Label-less items are taken off the sale floor and not sold, so clearly labelled and well attached labels help keep items in the sale until they are sold.
  • If you wish to print on sticky labels,  you may use A4 size label and then cut it or the standard 24 labels to an A4 sheet (70mmx36mm). You can also simply print them out, fill the information in, and attach it by sewing it or safety pin. There is a small margin on the left hand side of the label for this purpose.

To print single pages:

  • Choose File > Print.
  • In the Print Range pane of the Print dialog box, type the number of the pages you want to print. For a range of pages, use a hyphen. Separate each page or range with a comma or space (such as "4, 7, 15-34, 56").

Non-consecutive pages and a page range specified in the Print Range section of the Print dialog box.

  • Click OK or Print.
  • DO NOT use the quick print option on your printer as your label will not scan. Use only white paper (no color) and do not pierce, damage or cover the bar code in any way.
What else do I need to know about large items?
  • Large items are those that will not fit inside a pampers box, larger than 48 x 33 x 25 centimetres (19 x 13 x 10 inches) and only such items will be accepted the day of the sale;
  • Items should be delivered to the hall on the day of the sale between 9.30 am and 12 pm, accompanied by a completed 'Large Item Form', obtained from your number allocator.
  • If the large equipment has to be dismantled, we advise that a photo of the assembled item is included as well as the user manual.  Please ensure that all parts are labeled and as far as possible are securely attached together.
  • Sellers of large items must return to the hall on the sale date between 4.15 pm and 5.30 pm to collect unsold goods. A Facebook post will be placed on the BCT page (https://www.facebook.com/bctbelgium - just LIKE it in order to see it!) at 4.15 pm on the day of the sale, listing seller numbers whose unsold large items are ready to be picked up at the hall. We reserve the right to charge a penalty of €25 plus removal costs if goods are not collected during this time.
  • ONLY Large items are collected on the day of the Sale
  • Mattresses must be new, in their original packaging, and dropped off the day of the sale.
  • Car seats must meet EC regulations and be within 5 years of the manufacture date. Both of these requirements can be found on a sticker somewhere on the car seat. Car seats that do not meet these requirements or are missing stickers will not be accepted at the sale.
Can I donate my unsold goods to charity? Can I get unsold items back?
  • Advise your number allocator if you wish some of the unsold small goods for your number be donated to charity or if you will collect them after the sale.
  • The charities supported in recent years are: a home for battered mothers, the Red Cross in Africa, and other Belgian charities for mothers and children.
  • Your number allocator will advise you when you can collect unsold small items after the Sale. Failure to collect unsold goods within 14 days after the sale will result in them being donated to charity.
  • We CANNOT accept unsold large items for donation. You must pick up items the day of the sale. Items are to be picked up no later than 4:30 pm. Items left after 5:00pm will be charged a 25 euro fee and any resulting fees from cleanup.
How am I paid?
  • Money is paid to the seller’s Belgian bank account only, approx. 4 weeks after the sale.
  • The BCT charges for each seller number given out €5,00; €2.50 if the seller is a BCT member. Plus 20% of the value of goods sold.
  • All financial queries must be raised within 2 months after the sale.
  • The BCT is not responsible for any problems arising because the seller has provided an incorrect account number.