BCT Talks

BCT Talks


The BCT invites speakers who are experts in their field to present and discuss a wide range of family-related subjects in a series of information talks for adults.

From allergies in children and multilingualism in parenting to estate planning and business start-ups, these talks cover a variety of issues in a one-off session or in a series of workshops over several weeks.

BCT Talks are held either online or at our Clubhouse on Chaussee de Waterloo 620 in 1050 Ixelles.

All BCT Talks are:
  • free for BCT members. Join us now!
  • open to non-members as well, for a participation fee of 10€.
Multilingual language acquisition: what is multilingualism? The myths, practical advice
Wednesday, 22 June, 7pm via Zoom

Multilingual language acquisitionFor everyone but particularly for those parents who have been faced with conflicting advice about how to best help their multilingual children

This talk will give you an introduction to multilingualism – what is it, what says the research? How can you help your child with the languages? It will focus on the myths – when do you actually need to worry?

There will be room for your own questions.

The Swede Dr. Monica Bravo Granström is the Managing Director of the Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (Continuing Education) at the University of Education Weingarten in Southern Germany. As a language activist, she works in several ways for multilingualism, e.g. as: researcher (PhD), lecturer on multilingualism, author of the handbook “I love svenska” (I love Swedish, 2013) for Swedish parents raising their children abroad, and Senior Advisor SMUL (Svenska som modersmål utomlands”)… She is also mother of two multilingual children (Swedish, German, Spanish, English).

For more information or to register, please email talks@bctbelgium.org.

Participation fee: FREE for BCT members (non-members may attend for a fee of 10 euros)

Coming soon:

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September – online – Marieke Steen

Non-violent communication
autumn – online – Nic Burnand