“Bi/Multilingual Families: Getting Started with Family Language Planning”

For: everyone but particularly for families who are pregnant and would like to make sense of how to best approach multilingualism in their family.
Are you a bi/multilingual family or a family choosing bi/multilingualism for your children? Would you like to know how to best plan for success? For some families, bi/multilingualism is a simple and straightforward affair. For many other families it is complex, involving two or more languages and variables such as school choice, family mobility and literacy issues.
For these families, the process of Family Language Planning not only gives them research-based advice to follow but provides them with the knowledge and tools to adjust their Family Language Plans as circumstances change.

This talk will be given by Maria Potvin & Daphne Vlachjannis of onraisingbilingualchildren.com. Maria has a degree in English Linguistics and a postgraduate certificate in Teaching Multilingual Learners. As a CELTA-qualified English language trainer she has also gained practical experience with foreign language learners. She is passionate about languages and devoted to supporting families in navigating their language journey.

Daphne is a New York-qualified human rights lawyer with multifaceted international experience spanning a 15-year career. Passionate about languages and inspired by her own background in raising three multilingual children, she is dedicated to helping families create an environment that fosters multilingual development.

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