BCT Talks

BCT Talks


For BCT Talks, the BCT invites speakers who are experts in their field to present and discuss a wide range of family-related subjects in a series of information talks for adults.

From allergies in children and multilingualism in parenting to estate planning and business start-ups, these talks cover a variety of issues in a one-off session or in a series of workshops over several weeks.

BCT Talks are held either online or at our Clubhouse on Chaussee de Waterloo 620 in 1050 Ixelles.

All BCT Talks are:
  • free for BCT members. Join us now!
  • open to non-members as well, for a participation fee of 10€.
Potty training tips @ the Clubhouse

Sunday, 25 September, 10-12.00

BCT member, Francesca Gizzi, will share her tips for successful potty training. Francesca followed the 'Oh Crap' method with her two children and experienced both the successes and the problems, which led to many online training sessions and visits with 3 gastroenterologists.  Francesca would love to share all that she has learnt.

Cost: FREE for BCT members (non-members may attend for a fee of 10 euros)
To register: please contact talks@bctbelgium.org

Baby-led weaning @ the Clubhouse

Sunday, 9 October, 10-12.00

This talk will give general but fundamental information and explain how to include what you will learn in a varied healthy diet. This class will introduce:

1) what baby-led weaning is, how to do it, when to do it

2) the shapes that are dangerous until 5 years of age

3) traditional weaning vs baby led weaning

4) ideas for recipes for the first months and how to present them

5) Q&A and resources available including books on the subject

BCT member Francesca is a baby-led weaning enthusiast, rather than a consultant. With the help of her paediatrician, who is also a child nutritionist, she followed baby-led weaning with both her children. She says that this is something she would have loved to learn and prepare for already when she was pregnant.

Cost: FREE for BCT members (non-members may attend for a fee of 10 euros)
To register or for more information: please contact talks@bctbelgium.org