BCT Talks

BCT Talks


For BCT Talks, the BCT invites speakers who are experts in their field to present and discuss a wide range of family-related subjects in a series of information talks for adults.

From picky eating and multilingualism in parenting to estate planning,  job and parenting skills, these talks cover a variety of issues in a one-off session or in a series of workshops over several weeks.

BCT Talks are always live events and are held either at our Clubhouse on Chaussee de Waterloo 620 in 1050 Ixelles or online.

BCT Talks/Workshops are:
Multilingualism: Children's literacy development in their home language @ online

Tuesday, 19 September, 19:00 via Zoom

“Bi/Multilingual Families:
Reading and writing in a language not taught at school”

When multilingual children go to school, they start reading and writing primarily in one language, the language of schooling. Parents may then wonder:
How will children learn to read and write in their respective home languages?
How to support this literacy development?
And how to communicate with teachers about children’s multilingual literacy repertoires?
If you are interested in these questions, then our interactive webinar, organised by the Co-Lingual-S project (colinguals.com) and Brussels Childbirth Trust (bctbelgium.org), is for you!
Our speaker, dr. Nikolett Szelei (PhD, MSCA IF postdoctoral researcher - Co-Lingual-S project @colinguals KU Leuven ~ Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences ~ Research Unit Education, Culture and Society) will build her presentation on scientific literature in general, as well as her own study with multilingual families in Belgium. First, we will talk about some misconceptions parents may hear about multilingual language development. Then, we will focus on multilingual literacy development specifically. Finally, we will discuss how parents may navigate influences coming from schools when attempting to sustain home languages.

Cost: Free

Registration: https://app.twizzit.com/go/Co-Lingual-S


Babywearing workshop @ Clubhouse

Friday, 22 September, 12-14h

Another FREE workshop on babywearing given by our enthusiastic volunteers with extensive experience.

As always, our sling library will be accessible for participants during the session to try out different models and/or to rent one.  For more information about the sling library, visit https://bctbelgium.org/support/babywearing/

RSVP on Twizzit via the linked form, or from the app homepage click on subscriptions at the top and scroll down to find the babywearing form

- and also please remember to cancel in case you can't make it in the end, please!

Picky Eating Explored @ Clubhouse

Wednesday, 27 September, 19-21h

Mealtime battles, limited food choices, unpredictable food preferences, and the frustration and stress about what to do – if this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Picky eating is a challenge that many parents face with their little ones!

In this talk, registered dietitian Sofie De Niet will dive into the world of picky eating and provide you with valuable insights on how to help your child navigate this developmental stage that typically starts around the age of 18 months. Sofie will empower you with evidence-based knowledge and practical strategies.

The talk starts with information about the origins of picky eating behaviour, followed by a fresh, alternative perspective on the experienced problems. After this more theoretical part, Sofie will give you parent-tested advice on how to deal with picky eating and maintain maximum openness to new foods, followed by an interactive Q&A to address all your concerns and questions. This way, you'll have the confidence to implement what you've learned at home.

Whether you're already struggling with picky eating or want to be prepared for potential challenges in the future, this workshop is for you. Additionally, Sofie will also cover picky eating in kids with autism.

Sofie De Niet (sofiedeniet.be) is a Brussels-based family dietitian for adults and children, whose mission is to contribute to a healthy relationship with food for the whole family.

Cost: FREE for BCT members

Registration: on Twizzit via the linked form, or from the app homepage click on subscriptions at the top and scroll down to find the babywearing form

- and also please remember to cancel in case you can't make it in the end, please!

Family yoga @ Clubhouse

Sunday, 24 September, 10-11h  

Join Veronika for a Yoga Class for the WHOLE family! A weekend family Yoga class that introduces yoga to children (age 4-10 years) in playful way. The breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress and help with focus and concentration. Yoga can teach kids kindness, sharing, compassion, mindfulness, awareness, and much more.

Veronika (yogawithveronika.com) is a trained and certified children’s Yoga teacher - RYT (200h) and certified KAY (Kidding Around Yoga).

Cost: Free for members / 10 euros for non-members

Registration: Via https://twizzit.com/go/bct-talks or, in your Twizzit app, click on Services at the top of your home screen, scroll down to BCT Talks, click on it, find this talk, click on it and register.

Non-members register via this link: https://twizzit.com/go/bct-talks

Autumn flower-arranging workshop @ Clubhouse

Wednesday, 4 October, 19h-21h

Join Yvette The Happy Florist for an autumn floral workshop featuring seasonal flowers. Learn the art of creating a beautiful hand-tied bouquet using the spiral technique. Enhance your skills and creativity while enjoying the beauty of autumn blooms. To add a professional touch, the workshop concludes with a session on gift wrapping. Don't miss this opportunity for an evening of floral fun & creativity.

The workshop will be given by Yvette “The Happy Florist". Yvette has been running workshops at her home studio in Tervuren for the past 5 years & her weddings & events work take her across Belgium & the UK.

COST: €50 for a workshop of approximately 2 hours (all materials are provided)

REGISTRATION: Participants sign up via Twizzit & pay in advance. Use the link connected to this event listing OR, from your BCT Twizzit app homepage, click on Subscriptions, scroll down, find the form for BCT Workshops, click on it, sign up and pay.

Once the deadline of 20 September has been reached, materials are ordered. If a participant cancels, they can find a replacement or forfeit the fee.  Minimum/maximum number of 10/15 participants.

Toddler yoga @ Clubhouse

Sunday, 8 October, 10-11h

A great way for young children (of 2-5 years) to practise mindful movement, learn useful breathing techniques and have lots of fun! This monthly class lets young children (and their parents) move in healthy and fun ways to encourage stress reduction and focus, and to practise stillness and ease.

Emily Gold  (EmilyGoldYoga.com) is a yoga therapist and teacher, doula and public health specialist, who is trained in a variety of yogic modalities.

Cost: 18 euros per 50-minute class (with a reduced rate for first-timers)

Registration: Please contact Emily Gold at Emily@EmilyGoldYoga.com


Job Skills - Personal Branding workshop @ online

7 & 21 October, 9:30-10:30

via Teams

This informative and practical workshop will help you understand changes in the job market and companies’ perspective. You will learn about personal branding - how to present yourself in a desired professional way. 

This interactive workshop will be held in two parts, ending with elevator pitch practices and will include challenges between the sessions. Pengpeng Zhou will share her knowledge and experience to explain:

• What personal branding is

• Why it is important for job searchers, as well as people who wish to increase their influence at work

• How to uncover your unique personal branding

• How to leverage the story-telling method to convey your brand to a targeted audience?

Pengpeng Zhou holds a Master Degree in Human Resources and has over 12 years' HR experience at multinational companies including Microsoft, Cargill and is currently Global HR manager at BDO.

COST: FREE for BCT members (non-members may attend for a fee)

REGISTRATION:  Participants sign up via Twizzit. Please write a few words on why you would like to join this workshop.
BCT members: From your BCT Twizzit app homepage, click on Services, scroll down, find the form for BCT Workshops, click on it and sign up.
Non-Members: Please use this form: https://app.twizzit.com/go/bct-talks