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Our volunteers


One of the things that makes the BCT so unique is that it is and has always been run 100% by volunteers. Everything we do is only possible thanks to our volunteers. That's pretty amazing, right? And that's why we always need more people to get involved, so whatever time you’ve got available – we would LOVE to hear from you.

Some give a little, some give a lot, some give regularly and some give occasionally.

We feel that members who have already used our services and have benefitted from them know the BCT and how it works best. We therefore invite members to regularly check out the volunteer pages in Small Talk magazine and keep an eye on our weekly newsletter and soon the new BCT app. Maybe you will find a volunteering role that suits you. You can also contact our volunteer coordinator Shelley at volunteering@bctbelgium.org especially if you have other ideas on ways you would like to give back.

Volunteers are the beating heart of the BCT organisation, and without a reliable and dedicated supply we simply cannot exist!


"My volunteer roles have given me a sense of purpose and self-worth, and a strong feeling of being part of a team, while I’ve taken extended ‘time out’ of my career. Now that my children are both in school and we no longer make as much day-today use of the BCT, I still find my BCT Lifers’ membership an invaluable source of information and support and I very much enjoy attending BCT events (with my kids) and the BCT book club (without them!)."

"The group I run was going to be discounted, so I pitched in. That’s right, the BCT cannot run without volunteers."

Become a volunteer

"My advice to all our members is that they can only really appreciate what the BCT can do for them by getting involved in the organisation: contact the group organisers, make friends in your local group, come along to the family events - or volunteer, no matter how small or large the role!”

Data protection policy form for volunteers

The BCT takes data protection very seriously. We therefore ask all volunteers to sign our BCT Data Protection Policy (full version as PDF).

Volunteers who handle members' data please fill in the short form.

Volunteers who have access to the full members database, please fill in the full version.