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Become a BCT member


Become a BCT member: We welcome new members from all walks of life, all family situations and all nationalities throughout the year. Different-sex and same-sex couples, single parents, families with young children, older children or no children yet, our members meet others who share circumstances, lifestyle or interests.

Join us and benefit from everything we’ve got to offer to make your life as a family or as an expecting or new parent here in Belgium as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We are funded by our members through membership fees and the membership is the bond that connects families from all over the world and makes us the family community that we are.

“Having now had my baby in Brussels, I couldn't have got through the first few months without my BCT village. From birthing classes, to WhatsApp groups, local area groups and zoom meetings, the BCT has given me a home from home and I am so pleased to have such a large support network. Thank you!”

Family Membership

You pay one membership fee for all family members – one or two adults (including grandparents and carers), with or without children, living at the same address.

Annual Membership

Your membership is valid for one year from the day your payment is received. It does NOT renew automatically. You will be notified of the expiry date of your membership and closer to the time we will send you a reminder to renew.

Membership Fees

First Year: €57 
Renewal: €48
Long-term*: €25

* For those who have been members for a total of 5 years.

If the form does not display correctly for you or if you are using a mobile device,

you can head directly to the form at twizzit.com/go/BCT-membership.


Once we have received your completed online form and the confirmation of payment, you will be sent our BCT Welcome Pack. This will confirm that your payment has been received and that your membership has started. If you do not receive the pack  within two weeks of your payment, please contact membership@bctbelgium.org.

You can also contact the membership team for other enquiries and to change your personal details.


Once you have made your payment, you will receive an invitation to join Twizzit. This is our membership management and communication system. It will allow you to download an app, which you can use to access our agenda, sign up for events and groups and to renew your membership.

If you do not have a smartphone, you will still be able to do these things via their website.

Membership card

Once you have become a member, your membership card will be available in your Twizzit app under  Profile > Memberships > More details > Download membership card.

It will have your name, your join date and the expiry date of your membership on it. This card will give you access to all BCT groups and events – all playgroups, interest and support groups, as well as talks and member courses and family events. You are required you to show your membership card to sign in (onsite and online). Bring it with you to all BCT events and activities.