BCT library



Our Clubhouse in Ixelles houses our library. We’ve got about 100 books on pregnancy, childbirth, child development and parenting available for borrowing free of charge to all our members. There is also a children's library of story books for use on site.

When is the library open?

The library is open whenever a playgroup is taking place at The Clubhouse. Check our weekly agenda newsletter for the current playgroup schedule.

How can I search for books?

Browse through our shelves during any playgroup at The Clubhouse, or browse through our catalogue online.

Can I reserve a book?

Yes, if you’re interested in a book and can’t immediately pick it up, email the BCT librarian at librarian@bctbelgium.org to reserve a copy for you to collect on your next visit to The Clubhouse.

How do I borrow books?

Members can borrow up to three books for a period of one month. You will need to fill in the Library Sign-Out sheet, which you will find on the library shelves, when you check out a book.

How do I return books?

When you return your books, please make sure they are placed in the right place on the bookshelves, if the Clubhouse is open. You should also update the Returned Books sheet when you do this.


Help our library grow. You can donate books you no longer need that are still in great condition and helpful for other parents. Contact the librarian to arrange for a pick-up or drop-off at librarian@bctbelgium.org.