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Email contacts

Some useful email addresses


If you would rather contact one of our teams directly, you might find these email addresses helpful:

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You can also contact any of our board members:

President: president@bctbelgium.org
Past President: past-president@bctbelgium.org
Vice President: vice-president@bctbelgium.org
Treasurer: treasurer@bctbelgium.org
Events Coordinator: events@bctbelgium.org
Group Organizers Coordinator: groups@bctbelgium.org
Information Coordinator: info-coordinator@bctbelgium.org
Membership Secretary: membership@bctbelgium.org
Prenatal Services Coordinator: prenatal-services@bctbelgium.org
Postnatal Services Coordinator: postnatal-services@bctbelgium.org
Communications Coordinator: communications@bctbelgium.org
Social Media Coordinator: socialmedia@bctbelgium.org