Local Groups

Our local groups are a great way of getting to know other parents and children in your area. You can chat to other parents, exchange information and share experiences over a cup of coffee, while your children are playing together. You can choose which local group around you is best suited, you can even join two or three if you live close to them.

Check our Current Local Groups listing to see what is available in your area.

Social activities closer to home – choose your local group



Any BCT member is welcome to attend any group anywhere, whether or not they live in that particular area.

To be added to a group’s mailing list please contact the Group Leader.

Members, please log in for details on date, time and venue and general updates for all our groups.

Several local BCT groups in Brussels and beyond offer a range of weekly social activities either in members' houses or outdoors. Scroll down for a list of local groups and their activities.

To find local groups in your area, check out our Current Local Groups listing.


These groups are coordinated by one or more group leaders. Each group arranges its own activities.

Most group leaders keep in contact with members via email, alerting them to upcoming group meetings, providing them with information on BCT events and services.


Mums or dads from the local group volunteer to host coffee mornings or afternoons.

Some groups meet outdoors, in parks, museums or swimming pools.

Some groups extend their activities to include older children, or organize other activities, such as family brunches, girls’ night out or baby-sitting circles.


If you want to chat to other parents, exchange information and advice over a cup of coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, while your children are playing together - join our network of local groups.


Long-running groups meet regularly, usually once a week, on a designated day and time.