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Hypnobirthing Essentials

Release fear, Build Your Confidence

Pregnancy and childbirth are exciting events in our lives, but they can also be somewhat daunting. Maybe it’s your first time and you don’t know what to expect, or maybe you have been through it before and would like things to be different this time. Whatever your situation, Hypnobirthing helps you feel relaxed and confident and is suitable for pregnant parents at any stage.

We have teamed up with Hypnobirthing Specialist Kate Ellwood from Simply Hypnobirth and offer a Hypnobirthing Essential course for expectant parents that would like to purely focus on hypnobirthing breathing, visualization and partner support.

This 3-hour course, taught either online or in-person, complements perfectly our comprehensive Birth & Parenting course and it will leave you and your birth partner feeling calm and confident about birth, knowing you have hypnobirthing skills to support you through each stage of labour for a calmer, more comfortable and positive birth experience.

The session can be tailored to your needs and usually covers:

  • The impact fear has on your birth and how to get rid of it
  • ​The importance of creating an optimal birth environment
  • ​How to support key birth hormones
  • ​Key hypnobirthing techniques and how to use them throughout labour and birth for optimal calm and comfort
  • ​Hypnobirthing breathing & visualisation techniques
  • ​Working as a team with your birth partner, feel supported and understood

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Kate EllwoodAbout Kate

Kate is a KG Hypnobirthing Accredited Teacher and, through the BCT's antenatal teacher training programme, trained with the NCT in the UK, gaining a Diploma in Antenatal Education.  All her acquired knowledge, skills and experience as an antenatal teacher, her previous experience as a specialist nurse inform and enrich her hypnobirthing courses.   

When to attend

Ideally the course is being taken after the completion of our Birth & Parenting course, which is usually by about 30 to 34 weeks.

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  • Tuesday, 17 September

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