An Introduction to BCT Local Groups

BCT Local Groups
01 February 2024

Where’s the BCT?
While the Brussels Childbirth Trust has a headquarters with the lovely light and bright Clubhouse in Ixelles full of toys and coffee mugs, it’s also has a network of valuable local groups. There are 10 local groups across the city and just outside that try to bring together local knowledge for people who are new to Belgium, new to the area or new to parenting.

Where are they?
They are based in Auderghem/Boitsfort/Watermael, Brussels Central/Etterbeek/St. Josse, Ixelles/St. Gilles/Forest, Kraainem/Wezembeek, Leuven/Leefdaal/Everberg, Schaerbeek, Tervuren and Surrounding Areas, Uccle, Waterloo and Woluwe.
The groups try to map where our members live and this naturally changes over time with some groups merging and others popping up. If you live in an area where there isn’t a local group and you think there should be, please talk to Chiara, the BCT Groups Coordinator at and the BCT will look into it.

Which one do I join?
You can join any group you like; indeed you should join several!
You are free to go to any activities you like and you will see that some groups are busier than others – feel free to ‘crash’ playgroups and parents’ nights out across the city. We know that borders in Brussels and around aren’t very strict: we all live, work, shop and visit playgrounds in different areas so please jump into any groups that suit you and your schedule.

How do I join a group?
Ha, this is a good question. In the olden days when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we all used email, you’d get in touch with your local group at (for example and you’d be sent a list of what was happening in the area. You can still use those email addresses to contact group leaders, however, things have got advanced since then with Facebook groups, WhatsApp group and now this new Twizzit thing where you can simply click on the local group and you’re in!

This Twizzit thing?

We promise you that the Twizzit app/website really is wonderful and worth the initial bother of setting it up. It makes it a lot easier for you to see what’s happening for all the local groups across the BCT via the ‘Planning’ tab. You can join a group via the ‘Services’ tab – click as many as you like, drop any that you like. Once you’re in the Twizzit group for a certain area, you should start receiving local newsletters and news on local events.

What do groups do?
The BCT is a volunteer organisation and we are what our members do. In some areas, members organise weekly playdates at their homes; others meet at playgrounds after school; others have coffees, lunches or dinners for parents; some also have summer picnics or daytrips. Others try to put members in contact to help them get to know each other and find out what they need to know to make their lives in Belgium easier.

Help I need local knowledge!
Some groups are using WhatsApp and Facebook groups to chat and members may be very happy to help out with recommendations for a doctor, a gardener, a school or whatever you’re looking for. Please also check in with the group leader who may also have tips and lists from previous chats.

What can I do?

Get in touch! Local group leaders love to hear from members, new and old, to hear what they want to do, to pass on tips of what’s fun in their local area or important to know. We know that the Covid lockdowns have damaged many of our ‘real’ social networks and we hope that the BCT can help you reach out to other parents near you. We’d particularly love to see older BCT members offer their wisdom to younger parents; please consider dropping by a coffee morning or lunch or even joining a WhatsApp chat as your help could be invaluable to other BCT families.


Please also lend a hand when you can: group leaders would love to hear you suggest events even if it’s as simple as telling other parents that you’ll be in the local playground this afternoon and ask if anyone would like to join you!

By Aoife White BCT Working Mums Group Organiser,

This article was first published in the spring 2023 edition of the BCT’s Small Talk magazine.

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