Confessions of a chocoholic

24 September 2021

One of the worst things with being a stay at home mum is, for me, that I eat too much. I can’t stop nibbling, especially sweet things.

Over the week-end we were given a box of chocolate. When Monday came, my husband went to work; my kids went off to school and crèche. I stayed at home and ate chocolate, one piece after the other. Suddenly the whole box was gone. I felt so ashamed so I immediately went out to buy another box, exactly the same.

I did not want my husband to find out that I had eaten all our chocolates, so I put the new box on the shelf, pretending that it was the box we had been given. I know this is kind of lying to my husband and I feel bad about it, but I keep telling myself it is not as a bad as having an affair, for example. And I do not have an alcohol problem. I just have a minor chocolate addiction.

Hubby came home late that evening and did not mention the chocolate box. I forgot about it too, but the following day I opened the new box.

“I’ll have just one, possible two pieces”, I thought. It is not too bad if my husband thinks I have eaten one or two pralines in two days. He’d be surprised, perhaps even proud of me. So I had a few more, to make it more realistic. Suddenly half the box was gone and I nearly started to panic. What if I had to go and buy yet another box??

The evening came and my husband wanted a praline. He was surprised to see that half the box was gone already. (I wonder what he would have thought if he knew about the first box….)

He knows my addiction so I suggested that he’d take a few pieces to the office, to spare me from eating them all.

“I rather save them for the week-end”, he said.

“But that is not possible”, I yelled.

“I know, I will put them in my car so you can’t get to them and then we eat them at the week-end”, husband told me.

I agreed, it was probably the most sensible thing to do. So, now my husband is driving around with chocolate in his car. Luckily it is not summer. But I can’t stop thinking that I perhaps should go back to work. Being a full time mum is clearly not good for my health.

By Annika, January 2014

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