Pink toxication

Dora pantoufles
24 September 2021

I think Dora started just after her 2nd birthday; only wanted to wear skirts, dresses, leggings with flower patterns, socks with pompons. She refused to leave home without shinny necklaces, bracelets, bonnets, hairpins, etc. And all them in pink, ‘s’il te plait maman.’ She cried in the middle of the night for losing her pink pacifier. Once I saw her picking a pink crayon, trying to put on her lips! She even wanted to wear a bra, but she asked me if I would buy her a pink one. She is just 27 months old. I was surprised by her attempt to do a makeup; because I rarely do. She rarely sees me wearing dresses or skirts. (I do have some pink underwear though:)

Dora plays with Pokemons (thanks to her elder brother), but she is crazy about all kinds of princesses, dolls and her favourite is Barbie. I genuinely dislike the Barbie and stuff alike. When I was a kid, I never asked one. I used to like heroines; like Pippy the Long Stockings, Heidi, etc. Dora is living in a house full of legos, dinosaurs, cars, ambulances, cranes and planes; how come she prefers all these so girly stuff? What is wrong with her?

While I’m trying to find answers, I submitted my form to volunteer for the BCT’s Nearly New Sale on 23/02, in order to look for princess stuff, for consolation at least I will pay less and make Dora enormously happy.

By Zeynep, January 2014

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